What I Know about Horseback Riding From Interior Design (Part 2): How They are Alike!

A few days ago, as I was watching my daughter affectionately brush her horse, I began to ponder all the ways in which these regal creatures are actually quite similar to interior design. (Yes, I know, my mind does tend to wander, so stay with me here…)

horse jumping
When my daughter and I first laid eyes on her spirited, thoroughbred Welsh, we were drawn to her, and we knew in an instant that she was “the one”. In the same way, the interior design of your home should have a direct, personal connection with you.

horse and owner

Photo from Equiworld.net

As I watched Grayanna’s pony swish her elegant tail, it reminded me of a long, elegant tassel! And as many of you probably know, tassels are among my favorite “trademark” details that I love to incorporate into my designs.
When I look into a horse’s eyes, it is as if I am looking directly into her soul. For anyone who has never loved a horse, it may not be obvious how distinct and expressive their eyes truly are. In the same way, the interior design of your home should be a reflection of you, unique to your personality and lifestyle.

horse eyes

Image from Flickr

The energy of a horse translates in many ways. It can easily be identified in the ways in which he carries himself and interacts with humans. A horse’s energy cannot be described in simple words, but rather projects an intangible “attitude”. Similarly, the energy of a room should convey in every detail of the space. There should be continuity and flow throughout each room.

horse jumping
Owners are drawn to their horses for various reasons, all valid and personal. For me, one of the main reasons I fall in love with a horse is for its visual beauty. We simply could not take our eyes off of Grayanna’s beloved pony when we met her! For others, it has little to do with physical appearance, as much as it does the functional attributes of the horse. In the best case scenarios, there is a combination of both of these elements. In a similar way, there should, ideally, be a blend of comfort and aesthetic beauty in interior design. Both are equally as important, yet depending upon individual preferences, one may be slightly favored over the other. Finding balance is one of the most critical components in the design world!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!




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