The Secret Life of a Bikini Mama (Part 3)

For everyone who has been reading along with my blog posts this week, you already know that I have been comparing some specific traits of bikinis to different aspects of interior design. But before I begin today, I would like to share the final anecdote of my bikini saga.

When I left off in my last post, I had “worked it” all the way across the pool deck “catwalk” – in my bikini! – Amongst the cheers and whistles of the other resort visitors. Well, not even that could have prepared me for “grand finale” I was about to receive the following day. In a nutshell, Round Two of “bikini mama in the hot tub” was brought to fruition with a piercing (as in “ear drum”) rendition of “She’s a Brick House” as performed by my 9-year-old son, Holden, complete with his very own ugly (yet somehow endearing!) body gyrations. As I exited the hot tub, watching his full performance, I found myself, once again, completely mortified by the disturbed circumstances masterminded by these people whom I call “family”! I mean, WHAT IN THE WORLD?! However, there is a bonus…I am now on a first name basis with almost ALL of the resort guests, considering that Holden sang (maybe, “screamed” would be a better word) LOUDLY enough for the entire state of Utah to hear! And to use the phrase “off key” would not even begin to describe the howling noises that emerge from my son’s mouth when he attempts to sing. So, yes, thank you, Holden, for serenading me at THE most inopportune moment possible! Well done.

As for the bikini correlation of the day, I was pondering how much attention bikinis truly do garner. And my answer is this: A LOT! Somehow, those two tiny pieces of fabric can command the attention of an entire beach or pool deck! How can that be? Well, perhaps it is as much the bikini itself as it is the skin that is exposed when sporting these tiny pieces of attire. In addition, I think we can probably all agree that swimsuits in bright or flashy colors look best on a nicely tanned or bronzed body. In the same way, brilliant colors, in the realm of interior design, are also best showcased on the backdrop of a neutralizing tan or beige. The rooms below all feature examples of neutrals that make it possible for brighter accent colors to “shine”.

Beautiful neutral walls provide the perfect backdrop for the color accent sofa and throw pillows. Featured in Elle Decor Magazine.

Neutral Walls provide the perfect background that makes these colorful accents stand out. From Elle Decor Magazine.

These "tan" walls only make the beautiful turquoise and pink come to life even more! Image from Flickr.

As my bikini mama adventures and my vacation come to a close – UNTIL JUNE, that is! – I encourage you to look for opportunities to insert some “bikini truths” into your decorating style!

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