T.G.I.F. Thank GOODNESS Pink Hard Hats are SO Fabulous!

We can help you with all of your design needs from the ground up.  Literally.

South Carolina Interior Designer Kimberly Grigg Full Remodel

In fact, bringing your interior designer into the loop before you sign off on those floor plans is one of the best ideas I have ever heard! It can really set EVERYONE up for success – you and your family, your contractor and your designer.  When everyone is working together they are getting on the same page, on your page.  And well, when have you ever seen a designer on a construction site with a hammer and  a hard hat looking so fabulous!

I personally realized this first hand when I called on my own design team to support me with my complete home remodel! Read my blog post here.

South Carolina Interior Designer Kimberly Grigg Full Remodel

If you have decided to build your home, first of all, congratulations!  You have an opportunity to create unique elements in your home that really put your fingerprint on it.  But, the problem that I often run into with my clients is that they have an idea in their head but don’t know quite how to articulate it.  I am going to be there when your contractor is long gone. I will be there hanging the last piece of art on the wall or putting the final touches on your formal dining room table scape – all of which can be considered when laying out the floor plans for your new home. When you try to explain this to your contractor, they may be thinking in terms of what size each room needs to be or where to run electric or water.  I will come into the picture as a bridge builder, one who speaks both the language of design and also understands from a construction perspective (my husband is a real estate developer and I have worked with him on many a building site!) how to communicate with your contractor.  It is a win/win!  And, I will even let you borrow my pink hard hat!

For those of you that may not be turning the entire site of your future home into a construction zone, perhaps you are remodeling one or two rooms in your current home.  This can pose all sorts of it’s own obstacles, especially when you are still living in the home with your family.  I helped one of my clients through a full kitchen remodel and it was so obvious to me with this particular project that even small mistakes when putting together floor plans can not only be a disappointment in the design department, but also cost you more money in the long run!

South Carolina Interior Designer Kimberly Grigg Full Remodel

 To prevent obstacles and begin the creative process right from start, definitely bring your designer into the fold!  Are you building the home of your dreams? I would love to help you feel confident that every nail hammered in and every screw drilled will serve the purpose of building a foundation for your home but also creating a space you will love to live in for years to come.

South Carolina Interior Designer Kimberly Grigg Full Remodel

 For your very own fabulous construction site gear, check out this great website I found called “Charm and Hammer!” 

For help with your home or room design please contact me at Kimberly@knottinghillinteriors.com and visit our website www.KnottingHillInteriors.com

Go and have an It’s So Fabulous Day!

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