Little Luxuries: Cloth Napkins are a MUST!

When I don’t have the energy to pull out the fine china – my collection of cloth napkins never feels neglected.  My family knows how much I love to “set a beautiful table” for dinner, even on pizza night, but pull out the roll of paper towels and beware!

A simple “little luxury” to lift the spirits of your dining room table is to have several sets of cloth napkins and make them your go-to, all the time, three meals a day.  I recommend having several sets of white on hand, as they will get the most use and see the shortest “table life”, so you can save your pretty floral or pattern ones for more special occasions.


My cloth napkin drawer! (I have a cabinet full of them as well!)

My clients often ask me if there is a hefty price tag to luxury design, and I just laugh and say absolutely not!  You would be surprised how  little effort (and little cost!) it sometimes takes to take a dining room table from drab to fab.

Here are a few other  “drab to fab” recommendations:

Pick a branch, any branch!

I have been known to decorate my home with sticks, branches and leaves.  To create a beautiful table scape does not mean that you have to run out and buy fresh flowers for the table.  In fact, I prefer to keep my tablescapes “non-scented” so we can enjoy our meal with all five senses and not be intruded upon by a blossom or bud.  These are leaves from the Elephant Ear bush in my backyard.  They are gorgeous!  I picked up a few matching green vases and viola! A beautiful table!


 Picture perfect paper plates!

I am SUCH a fan of this I wrote a whole blog on it a while back.  Read it here.  With six children, running a business, a busy husband and a home to keep in order, the whole notion of doing dishes at night is for the birds sometimes!  While I do encourage my clients to bring out the fine china for no reason at all, sometimes we have to give our dishpan hands a break and leave some space in the evening to enjoy another glass of wine out on the patio! BUT! Of course, there is a twist.  The plates can still be beautiful! I found this wonderful website where you can order designer paper plates with the most stunning patterns!  Do they have this in a wallpaper, please?


Just remember – to create a “little luxury” in your home sometimes only takes just a little effort! Give it a try and let me know what you think!  Do you have any “little luxury” tips to share? Leave me a comment!


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