Knotting Hill Interiors LOVES Natural Floor Coverings! Part One: Seagrass and Sisal

South Carolina interior designer features Sisal Rugs

A beautiful room with a sisal rug - Photo Credit:

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, durable solution to indoor or outdoor floor coverings, natural carpets or rugs, consisting of one hundred percent biodegradable fibers, are the way to go. Not only are they fashionably organic, but most can stand up to the heaviest of foot traffic, so their “shelf life” is highly preferable.

South Carolina green interior design with seagrass rug

Seagrass up close

Today we will be discussing Seagrass and Sisal. These two categories of natural fibers are the most well known and widely used, while at the same time completely unique and utterly fabulous.

Seagrass carpet consists of grass grown in paddies in China, which are then flooded with sea water. Virtually stain resistant, this durable covering’s surface is impermeable to water because of its inherent smooth texture, making it absolutely perfect for high traffic, spill prone areas.

Known for it’s distinctive features, such as it’s grassy appearance, and hay like scent and coloring, Seagrass has a minimal nap, it doesn’t show tracking like traditional loop and pile rugs do, which makes it less apt to crushing and showing wear, and unlike most rugs, it doesn’t have a tendency to creep.

In keeping with the ever so fashionable organic trends, colors range from sage green hues to olive-like shades, and the intricate weaving patterns make each rug nearly one of a kind. This carpet truly is perfect for both high end and down to earth designs.

South Carolina interior designer features Sisal Rugs

Sisal up close

The Sisal fiber, obtained from the Agave plant which is harvested from various regions of Kenya and Tanzania is another runner in the natural floor covering line of aesthetics.

Long, smooth, and durable, Sisal can be spun into a fine textured yarn that is useful for a wide range of applications. It certainly has a delicate look to it, but is quite durable, which makes this a great fit for just about any room in the house.

Once woven, colors can vary from light yellow to creamy white. Products having materials derived from Sisal are quite suitable for household use due to their anti-static, flame retardant, and sound absorbing characteristics.

Stay tuned as we discuss Mountain Grass and Jute floor coverings next time and all of their fabulous characteristic and applications!

Seagrass rugs used in south carolina interior design

A Seagrass Natural Fiber Rug gives this room an organic feel as well as adding texture. Photo Credit:

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