Ideas For Choosing…. A Creatively-Placed Chandelier

As a symbol of wealth and prosperity, chandeliers were once reserved for the most formal of dining rooms, and the grandest of foyers and ballrooms. However, in today’s design realm, chandeliers are slowly breaking free of their debutante statuses and making their ways into even the most “ordinary” of spaces!

So, if you are one of those people who has an affection for the drama of a delicious chandelier, why not incorporate one into an unusual location in your home, or display your fixture in a unique way?  You can add a chandelier in nearly ANY space in your home to contribute the feel of luxury interior design wherever you are!

As you will see from the photos below, chandeliers can add a touch of glamour to any decor style in any room! Sometimes, even the fixture designs themselves can be quite creative!

This boat chandelier is a new twist on a traditional light fixture. Photo from Elle Decor.

This ship chandelier design adds an unusual twist to a traditional fixture!

Look at this amazing chandelier that looks as if it has been growing ivy in the garden for a year or two!

This colorful chandelier adds some unexpected "zip" to this room. Photo from Elle Decor.

How about adding some drama in unusual places….

…Like bathrooms? YES!

This dramatic black chandelier is a fabulous choice for this bathroom featured in House Beautiful.

Even a cottage-style loo can enjoy a glittery fixture! Photo from Country Living.

A scaled down chandelier works nicely in this updated bathroom design. Photo from Elle Decor.

Even a tiny powder room can make room for a small-scale chandelier. Photo from House Beautiful.

…. A Porch?!


Beachy and beautiful! Photo from Veranda.

Even a casual, garden dining area can be dressed up with a beautiful fixture! Photo from Better Homes & Gardens.

This greenhouse is even adorned with a glamorous chandelier! Photo from Country Living.

This red chandelier is so dramatic in this lovely outdoor space. Photo from Elle Decor.

One of my favorite outdoor spaces featured in Traditional Home. I love how they spray-painted these chandeliers pink and mixed the styles with other fixtures!

….In a kitchen?!


These snappy dual chandeliers add a lovely element of sophistication to this kitchen. Photo from Veranda.

This fixture serves as both the kitchen and dinette area lighting. Photo from Southern Accents.

….. A child’s room?


This little one will grow up feeling chic and sophisticated from birth! Photo from Decor Pad.

This little girl's room gets the royal treatment with this fabulous chandelier! Photo from House Beautiful.

This light fixture is understated, yet adds that special something to this child's room. Photo from Palmer Weiss.



WOW! Photo from Elle Decor.

Photo from Traditional Home.

Sometimes, simply changing the way in which you display a chandelier can highlight a specific area of the room or add interest to the overall design.

These fixtures are hung in unexpected places to add some pizazz to each of these spaces.

Photo from Elle Decor.

A cute nook is created with this petite chandelier in the corner of this child's room. Photo from Flickr.

Rather than hanging them over the bed or in the center of the bedroom, Anthropologie hung these chandeliers to the sides.

These matching fixtures, and the way in which they are hung on both sides of the bed, make a creative display. Photo from Elle Decor.

NOW, GO HAVE AN  “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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