Ideas for Choosing A…. Coffee Table

Often, selecting the correct coffee table is given very little thought, in comparison with other more “showy” pieces of furniture, such as sofas and television cabinets. However, choosing a coffee table is equally as important as other furniture selections, considering that coffee tables really are “center stage” to the entire room.

Here are a few considerations for simplifying the process:

1. Consider how your coffee table will be used, and how often.

Will your table mainly be used for “show”, or will it be the recipient of many propped up feet and drinking cups? If your room is constantly filled with people and activities, you will want to avoid a delicate antique or a coffee table with an easily damaged finish. Instead, choose a more durable and/or comfortable option.

An ottoman is an attractive (and comfortable) alternative to a traditional coffee table. Perfect for lots of "foot propping".

2. Consider the configuration and shape of other furniture in the room.

If the rest of the furniture in the room is sharp and edgy, selecting a coffee table that is oval or round may be an appealing contrast.

This round coffee table breaks up the "rectangular" configuration of the rest of the space.

3.  Consider the other pieces of furniture in your space.

Although this is not ALWAYS the concrete rule, it is often advisable to choose a coffee table that is opposite from other pieces of furniture in your room. For instance, if you have sofas and chairs with exposed legs, choose a coffee table some fabric or warmth to it, such as an upholstered ottoman or solid chest. If you have a skirted or slipcovered sofa and chairs, choosing a coffee table with more defined legs will look best.

The slipcovered furniture in this space called for an "edgier" coffee table to offset the "softness". The glass on the table also allowed the rug beneath to be shown off. Photo from Elle Decor.

This fabric-covered table is the perfect contrast to the legs on the chairs and sofa in this room.

4. Always consider scale.

You do not want to choose a giant coffee table if all of the other pieces of furniture in your room are petite and delicate. Or vice-versa! Selecting a tiny coffee table, when everything else in the room is big and beefy, will not be the best blend.  Your coffee table can be creative, but it should not fight with the style and size of the rest of the space.

This coffee table is scaled perfectly to the smaller size of this room.

NOW, GO HAVE AN  “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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