Framing Your World With Harmony

Picture frame collection with a common theme. As pictured in Elle Decor Magazine.

Framed pictures displayed throughout my living room.

As a South Carolina interior designer, I am constantly entering the homes of potential clients.  There is a common mistake that I see in nine out of ten homes I visit.  Let me preface this by saying that I realize people want to create a home full of endearing memories, and I am all for that, but creating a hodgepodge of frames with little bitty photos all crammed onto every surface is a not a highly attractive  way to accomplish that goal. For instance, I remember entering one home, where perched all along the bathtub, was a myriad of frames with photos of the homeowner and all her friends at parties.  I quietly giggled a little bit to myself, wondering how in the world she possibly get naked in front of all those people everyday?

When planning a picture collection, here is where you should start the process. Begin with a central frame theme.  All of the frames definitely do not have to be be alike. However, do try to stick to a core idea, such as all silver or all black or all gold.  Then, vary those sizes.  This arrangement will create both harmony and rhythm.

Carefully selected photo (in my home) mixed artfully with other accessories

Next, consider the photo that the frame will display.  Every single detail of your life and the lives of your loved ones belong in scrapbooks not in mismatched frames placed on every surface of your home.  The photo should be really meaningful and large enough to see.  Snapshots are not the best for framing.

Now, try limiting the number of frames and photos.  Frames look best incorporated with other accessories or other memories.  This way, you can limit the number of frames that you must use.


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