Fabulously Southern – Since I was born!

Fabulously Southern has ALWAYS been my motto!

South Carolina Interior Designer shares roots of Southern Design

I get asked all the time when was it that I knew I wanted to be a designer.  The true and honest answer is, I have never not known I wanted to be a designer!  From as early as I can remember, I was fluffing the pillows on my mothers couch and making suggestions for the window treatments.  When I say early, I mean around the age of five.

I never wanted what every other little girl dreamt of having – A Barbie Dream House. I wanted to make my own.

South Carolina Interior Designer shares roots of Southern Design

Found this old photo of a Barbie Dream House from 1964! Source

So, instead of having my parents buy me a Barbie Dream house, I made my own.  I made them out of shoe boxes and gathered up scraps of fabric to make furniture, curtains and little rugs.  I would make bedrooms and kitchens and even cut out pictures from magazines to hang art on the walls!  Now this is the twist and why I know I am a successful business owner today.  I not only made the Dream Houses, I would go around the neighborhood and sell them!  I did this for a few years until I had enough money to pay the neighborhood boys to paint my bedroom.  I was around eight years old at this time.

South Carolina Interior Designer shares roots of Southern Design

I was an entrepreneur at a very young age! Source

I have been blessed and fortunate enough to realize my dream and know exactly the place that I wanted to fufill it.  I have always been a southern girl and that is my passion – to help others build and create their own southern “dream houses.”

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