What’s on Your Walls? Upholstery, You Say?

I have so enjoyed sharing my “What’s on Your Walls?” blog series with you.  Beginning with the ol’ stand-by, paint and moving onto some amazingly fabulous “not-your-grandmas” wallpaper to the most dramatic statement of all … upholstery!

Below are two photographs of my dining room with its “famous” upholstered ceiling.



It definitely takes some vision and trust in your designer to make the move to upholster a wall or ceiling – but I can assure you.. if it is a statement you want to make, you cannot go wrong here! I will warn you, though, this is not a DIY project if you want it done right.  There are several “rules of thumb” to follow when choosing to move in this direction – and these are MY rules!


Dining room by Thom Filicia. Fabric on upholstered walls and draperies are from Rogers & Goffigon.

1. Work with an excellent upholsterer.  There are a handful of upholsters whose craftsmanship and impeccable standards I trust and go to time and time again.  And, they know me!  I expect nothing less than perfection! Trying to do a project like this yourself can lead to a lot of money spent with results that don’t create the “wow” that you are looking for.  There are many, many design projects that you can do yourself; but even those with a creative eye and a flair for swinging a hammer – I would definitely say to hire an expert on this one.

2.  There are two ways to work with upholstery.  The first is attaching it straight to the wall and the second is using a batting to create a “padding” between the fabric and the wall.   Personally, I prefer the batting myself. It gives texture to the wall.


While this is not a true “wall” I also love upholstery on a particular space on a wall, like this built in bench with dramatic headboard style seating.
Via Pinterest

3. Gimp trim or double cord.  These are the three different ways to finish the wall.  They are both fabulous and just depends if  you want something a bit more detailed, the gimp trim is the way to go or if you prefer simple, then the double cord is perfect

4. There are two different ways to apply upholstery to a wall. You can either have it stapled on or glue the batting to the wall. Again, it is really a personal preference and your designer can help you decided based on what you want to achieve with the look of the room.  Typically, one or the other is the obvious choice.


Absolutely LOVE this chevron upholstered wall!
Via Pinterest

5.  Many clients will ask me if they can still hang artwork on upholstered walls and the answer is YES! When you go with batting between the fabric and the wall itself, it is actually much more forgiving!  And, it looks amazing.


Definitely adds a bit of drama and glamour to this bedroom, doesn’t it?
Via Pinterest

6. For professionals only! One of the tricks to upholstering your wall and where many DIY’ers go wrong is masterfully seaming the fabric in all of the right places.  Not something you want to discover after the fact!

I bet you never thought there were all of these options for your walls!  Now the question still remains, what is on your walls?

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