What’s on Your Walls – Part II: Perfect with Paint

“Even castles in the sky can do with a fresh coat of paint.”

― Haruki Murakami


Design: Kimberly Grigg for Knotting Hill Interiors

I have a few tried and true tips, secrets and techniques that I stick to and share with all of my clients.  Over the years as a southern interior designer I have seen it all, and my techniques are sometimes nothing more than the solutions I have found work best when working within all kinds of home environments. Last week I raved about wallpaper, this week I am pining for paint!

A Fabulous Finish!

Paint is all about the finish – and there are several to choose from! My tip here is truly one of my secrets, as there are many times when a painter and I differ in opinion about the preferred finish for the walls on a home.  Eggshell is my favorite finish as it reflects natural light beautifully!  Painters lean towards a flat finish for interior walls, but a flat finish can sometimes feel, well…  a little flat!  Eggshells offers depth and warmth to the room.  It is also easier to clean and can even resist stains and scuffs!


When you go for wallpaper, many times that becomes the statement in the room. With paint, you can bring forward other elements like the chandeliers in this space.  The paint kind of “holds the space” in a way for the other elements to shine.

Imperfectly Perfect!

When I go into a home to do an initial consultation, many of my clients will want to choose a covering for their walls (whether that is paint, wallpaper of upholstery) that fixes or hides the walls imperfections.  When an imperfection clearly shows character, I actually do not mind them.  I work with a lot of older, more traditional southern homes and the imperfections are sometimes a link to history or heritage or have a story associated with it that could be an interesting conversation piece when touring or entertaining guests.


I would not necessarily consider brick an imperfection, but there are many times when I come into a home and the owners have tried to “hide” the walls natural state or an addition with a wall and paint! This is my office/tv room/sun room that leads into my garden and patio so it is filled with natural light. This room gets makeovers quite regularly, and for this incarnation, I chose a soft eggshell paint that is very calming and relaxing. Perfect for writing and blogging!

Trend Alert! Go for the Gloss!

Be bold and make a statement in your space by coating your items with high gloss paint. Gloss adds a decidedly modern and lustrous  sheen to everything from architectural elements like door frames to small décor accents like picture frames High gloss paint will reflect the maximum amount of light – so no matter what the color, you will be adding a big punch to the space.  To give your decor a bit of drama, try painting your picture frames or finishing your barstools and bookcases in this glamorous gloss.


WOW! Look at these statement ceilings! In love! Photo: Samuel & Pandora


These rooms are serious statements with the bold gloss! Photo: Samuel & Pandora

So, what’s on YOUR walls?  Are you happy with what you have or are you ready to make a change?  If you still can’t make up your mind, next week I will share my tips on painting and upholstering! (yes you can upholster walls!).  If you have any questions about what to do with your walls, leave them here in a comment and you never know – the answer might turn into a blog!


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