What I Know about Horseback Riding From Interior Design (Part 1): Getting Properly Equipped

As many of you may already know, my youngest daughter, Grayanna, and I have a love and passion for all things equestrian. We spend a great deal of our “free” time “at the barn” riding horses and preparing Grayanna for her horse show competitions. With horses and luxury  interior design monopolizing a huge chunk of my brain waves, it occurred to me last week how many elements the two actually have in common!
In horseback riding, as with interior design, it is important to be properly equipped in order to have a successful outcome. There are several equestrian components that serve a similar purpose as some of the design elements I work with everyday.

The bit is a piece that is placed in the mouth of a horse to communicate commands from rider. The bridle is comprised of the straps that lead from the bit to the rider. Collectively, these two pieces of equipment give the rider the ability to impose guidance on the horse.
Just as restraint must be practiced when it comes to training a horse, the same is true with interior design.  Without restraint, interior design tends to project a feeling of confusion and lack of direction. However, in the converse, there is also a time and place – in both horseback riding and design – where it is necessary to to “let loose of the reigns” and just “run free”. Let creativity take its turn to express your personality!
horse bit

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Design by Knotting Hill Interiors


There are many different types of saddles that can be used for horseback riding, depending upon the rider’s preferences and the type of riding he/she is performing. If the saddle does not have a proper design and fit, either the horse or rider (or both!) will be uncomfortable.
The same concept is true in the realm of interior design. It is critical to choose a style that is properly suited to the needs of your household and style of living. In doing so, your home will truly be a reflection of YOU!


Design by Knotting Hill Interiors

Stirrups are the rings that hold the foot of a rider. They normally come in pairs and are attached to the saddle by a stirrup leather. When fitting stirrups and straps, the size and height of a rider must be considered. For example, a rider who is taller would obviously be fitted with longer straps than a more petite rider.
In the same way, scale must be considered when designing a room. Furniture that is too large or too small can quickly throw off the balance and flow of a space.


girls room
Design by Knotting Hill Interiors


Perhaps the most important piece of “equipment” you should posses when competitively riding horses is a qualified and dedicated coach who understands the needs of the rider. A good coach guides his lessons to success and helps to avoid unnecessary pitfalls.

The same is true with regard to interior design. A professional designer assists his/her clients with making good choices and providing the knowledge and resources to realize their goals.

Even the best equipment cannot compensate for a lack of direction from a trained eye!


NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!





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