Under the Influence of Southern Design Part II: “Southern Charmed”

charm/CHärm/: (n) The Power of quality of giving delight or arousing admiration (v) Delight greatly

Having Southern Charm is more than sweet tea and “blessin’ yer heart.”  True Southern Charm is an art, a life long practice that begins by cultivating that part of you that genuinely wants to make other people feel good about themselves and in turn, they feel good about you.  It is about leaving a trail of sparkle where ever you go, or if you are me, a trail of FAB! Whether you are talking your mother, the waiter at a restaurant, your pastor or girlfriends – we southerners treat everyone with an equal kindness. We are taught from when we are knee high to have manners with yessir and yes ma’am.  We treat our elders with respect.  We say grace before our meals and use the word “darlin'” where ever possible.  I think that it is a warmth towards life you carry with you that is so contagious, others can feel it and want to be near it.  Is it easy to live a “charmed life”  all the time? Of course not! It takes practice and if you are anything like me – a sense of humor!

What I love more than anything is meeting a client who EXUDES Southern Charm and needs a little help bringing that charm and spirit alive in her home.  Here are a few tips from me about how to bring that Southern Charm alive in your home, and of course, if you need a little help I would absolutely love to get one on one with you to bring your own Southern Style alive.  I do have to say, that while writing this post I realized that this entire blog could be a lesson after lesson in Southern Charm, hospitality and grace. All of my work at Knotting Hill Interiors strives to bring both that warmth and elegance to each design.  Please stay a while if it is your first time here – and if you have to leave, well.. ya’ll come back now!

Get personal!  How many times have I shared my own personal Blue and White Porcelain Collection? Ya’ll might think I am just crazy about Blue and White Porcelain (which I am!) but this is also very, very traditionally southern.  It immediately brings an element of history into your room.  It offers your guest an opportunity to connect with another layer of you, maybe of your past or your ancestry.   I immediately feel a sort of “family pride” when I walk into my Blue and White room.  It is so interlaced with my families experiences and memories.  When my daughter got married, we used the Blue and White Porcelain as one of the design elements for her wedding.

South Carolina Interior Designer Southern Charm

My daughter on her wedding day! Click to read my blog post about how we used my Blue and White collection throughout this special day!

Elegance and Comfort – We Southerners are all about wearing our pearls and flip flops! We are not staunch and stiff in any way at all.  Every person who walks in our homes is made to feel like family right away.  I want you to relax and put your feet up but also serve you tea with my finest china (maybe Blue and White!)

South Carolina Interior Designer Southern Charm

Breathtaking when you walk through the door – and five minutes later you are as comfy as a kitten on that sofa! To read more about creating spaces to live in click here.

The Spread:  There is nothing close to enjoying a southern feast with your family and loved ones.  From fried chicken to casserole heaven – a southern table is just not complete without lots of food, home cooked with love.  Creating the perfect tablescape to entertain and wow your guests requires more than grandmas key lime pie recipe! From finding the right rhythm and harmony to all of the little touches here and there to show your personality and of course, southern charm, is one of my favorite things to do, because, well… this southern girl LOVES a party!

Whether you are opening your home for a beautiful Sunday sun-room brunch or a full on evening meal, the table can be central to creating that warm and inviting feeling.

South Carolina Interior Designer – Southern Charm

And never forget to just be YOU! The most important element in putting on the “Southern Charm” is not really to put on anything!  It is to be comfortable in your own skin, and let your natural beauty, warmth, hospitality and all those things your mama taught you, shine!  Just leave anything design related to me!

“Southern Charm is more than a drawl, ya’ll!”  – Ronda Rich

What are some other ways to add “Southern Charm” to your home?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

If you need help adding a bit of Southern Influence to your home,then call me for a design consultation at 843 455-7574.

Now go have an “It’s So Fabulous Day”!!!!!




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