TOP 5 WAYS Interior Design is Like a Newborn Baby

As you all know, sometimes my wacky, creative mind occasionally comes up with some nutty ideas, and this blog post may be one of those “things that make you go ‘hmmm'”….

This past weekend, as I was perusing the developments going on at my own household remodeling project, it occurred to me how many similar components there are between caring for a newborn baby and developing a successful design project! As the week progresses,  I will show you some of the latest design progression happening at my home, but for today, let’s talk babies!



For all of you Moms out there, you know what I’m talking about! Before you have a baby, you imagine that you will certainly be able to work a newborn baby into your schedule without too much angst. I mean, after all, they sleep most of the time, right?! How hard could it possibly be?! HA! Well, let’s just say that they may sleep a great deal, but it is not usually at the most convenient times, nor for long stretches of time, which is normally in line with what most adults require to keep their heads screwed on straight. So, for the comfort and sanity of both newborn and parents, establishing a sleeping and eating schedule is usually a welcomed change.

The same concept applies to interior design projects. There must be a definite focus and schedule to keep things from veering off in uncertain directions. With so many options, there are certainly many opportunities to become distracted by every new photo you see or every  new thought that flies through your brain. However, if you lose sight of the schedule and goals at hand, interior design can become quite an exhausting – and daunting – task! Just as with newborns, everyone is happier and more relaxed, when they know exactly what to expect. And although it may seem difficult at first to adhere to a schedule, you will soon see that it provides the basis for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.


Although an overall schedule is absolutely critical when designing a space, there also needs to be flexibility within those parameters. For instance, if the schedule you establish for a newborn requires feeding every three hours, yet you realize that the baby is hungry after only two hours, obviously you have to make an adjustment. When designing a room, you may determine that a different shade of paint is needed in the specific lighting in a room or that the furniture arrangement does not function well for your family. These types of challenges can always be overcome with a little bit of patience and flexibility. However, it is still important to remember that the overall design plan should remain intact, even when small adjustments need to be made.


For newborns, everything in their world is new, so their brains are constantly at work inputting new sensory information. How exhausting that must be for them! Therefore, in order for them to avoid sensory overload, they must get plenty of rest to rejuvenate their minds.

In some ways, the same concept applies to interior design. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, it is necessary to constantly focus on the end result and the overall vision. However, there is a time for rest. Often, I have spent an entire day making design decisions with clients, and when I walk out the door that evening, they are completely thrilled and confident about the direction of the project. However, when I show up the next morning, I sometimes find the same clients panicked and confused. Normally, they have stayed up second-guessing themselves all night long, resulting in the morning frenzy. So although focus is important, so is rest. “Enjoying the ride” should be at the top of the priority list!

Photo from Parent Dish


Every newborn is different! Just because you have one baby who sleeps through the night at six weeks, does not mean the next child will, nor does it mean that either baby is “better” than the other. It simply means that each one has individual preferences and needs.

I approach my clients in the same way. Each one of them is unique, and I try to treat them all is if they are my first.

Feedback can direct the way to a successful design relationship.


All human beings, even newborns, learn best with adequate feedback. For instance, when we want to have an infant repeat a particular behavior, such as smiling, we will often smile back at them. Our positive feedback, lets them know we like their actions and makes it much more likely that they will smile again. In addition, the positive exchange also develops a bond and trust in the relationship.

As a designer, part of my job is to establish a trust and mutual respect with my clients. In order for them feel like they are part of every step in the process, communication and feedback are critical. Reassuring my clients when something is “on track” is just as important as letting them know when something needs to be altered or adjusted. I may be the interior designer, but I am completely guided by the needs and desires of my clients. In the end, their satisfaction is the only important goal.

If you would like to make your home more fabulous, then contact me for an initial consultation.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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