The Secret Life of a Bikini Mama (Part 1)

Bikini.... Not me in it, though!

I found myself writing this blog series from my family vacation in Park City, Utah. Sitting in front of my computer, waiting for creativity and inspiration to whack me in the head, I realized that all I could really ponder was which bikini to wear to the hot tub!? Hmmmm…. The tone-on-tone blue bikini with the matching sarong? Or perhaps the elegant black one with the lovely gold trim? Choices, choices! Now, you may be wondering what the big deal was about me wearing a bikini. Well, here is… I turn FIFTY in June! Yep! FIFTY! With this monumental birthday fast approaching, I committed that my health would become a new priority in my life. Knowing that my family would be MORE than happy to hold me accountable, I shared my goal with them and further sweetened the deal (and greatly enhanced my motivation!) by agreeing to wear a bikini on my 50th birthday! And for those of you who know my dear family, there is no doubt that they are a force to be reckoned with, one that demands full follow-through. Knowing that failure to complete my stated task would absolutely result in their full wrath – likely in the form of public humiliation! – I set forth with vigor to conquer any and every obstacle standing in the way of me… and my BIKINI! Thus, enter stage right…. Skinny Nazi Pilates Bi**h, who I have mentioned in previous blog posts. Yes, Pilates and extreme healthy eating, among other things, brought me to the place where I found myself today… in the presence of MY ABS! Whoo hoooo! As I was happily basking in the glory of rediscovering my long-lost body part, while also considering a topic for this week’s blog series, it suddenly occurred to me how interesting it is that bikinis, made from such teeny, tiny pieces of fabric, can have such an oversized effect. Women endlessly obsess over choosing the right one; Men can’t take their eyes off of them; and they are priced as if they are made from 24k gold! Nonetheless, as odd as it may seem, these little pieces of fabric are somehow WORTH all the fuss! This same principle applies in the realm of interior design. There are so many seemingly small design elements, when properly selected, that can truly capture center stage. But without those details, the same space may appear simply ordinary.

A perfect example of a small, but incredibly powerful design element, is window treatment trim! Custom window treatments allow for the ultimate flexibility in selecting any fabric and trim combination. However, another desirable alternative is to purchase ready-made panels and simply embellish them with a fabulous trim! Often, adding just the right trim is all that is necessary to supply that rich, custom “feel”. An endless array of choices is available for your decorating pleasure, including tassels, braids, bullion, brush trim, and so many others. Below are photos from the homes of some of my clients whose window treatments have superior trims that really know how to command attention.

FAB dining room window treatments! The bullion trim is nothing short of spectacular!

Nursery window treatments! The unique trim mimics the under-the-sea theme of the room. The trim is actually small, metal ornaments, rather than traditional trim.

Shower door treatment in the bathroom of a client's daughter. The ball fringe reinforces the playful polka dot print on the upper fabric.

Tassel trim adds interest to these sitting room window treatments. Also notice the trim on the throw across the chair. Attention to detail!

Today’s Bikini Mama Moral: Never underestimate the power of small details!

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