The Art of Designing Your Kitchen – Part IV: Countertops & Cabintry

I am just loving sharing this series on The Art of Designing Your Kitchen!  I am breaking down how I go about putting together one of the most important rooms of the home from layout to budget to personalization. It’s so important to think each step through and not only make sure you are getting what you want, but also that your family is 110% behind the decisions that are made.  If you have missed the first three blogs in this series – be sure to have a catch up on them.  Here are the links:

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Today we are going to focus on cabinets and countertops.  First of all, there are SO many choices when deciding on these two areas.  From color to material to the overall “look” you want to achieve, the decision you make on cabinets and countertops are going to really speak to the personality of you and your family.



Elegant and sophisticated. I would definitely call these cabinets “classically southern.”


A bit more modern look – I love the slate blue color and the hardware chosen as well!


When I look at this I think of a “good ol’ fashion country kitchen!” I can just see a plate of warm, buttery biscuits coming out of the over!

The choices for cabinetry design is just as broad as many other elements that are vital to kitchen design.  Stock cabinets which are prebuilt even offer some semi custom opportunities now and then.  One of my favorite ways to design a kitchen with budget in mind is to use stock cabinetry but throw in an element of custom.  I have done this with sinks, refrigerators and stoves.  I will usually design the custom work to resemble a piece of furniture and build it to fit right into the stock cabinetry offering a design element along with an element of surprise.  I like to vary the finish completely so that it looks as intended; well planned and designed.



Oh, the colors in this marble countertop are absolutely amazing!



This is actually an iron and copper counter top! Tre chic!


I am not crazy about black in a kitchen, but wanted to show how diverse your options truly are! I also thought the cork cabinetry was quite creative!

Whatever surface you choose, be sure that you are 100% in love with it.  The countertop is the most visible surface in the entire kitchen and creates a focal point no matter what the overall design. 

The color choice for the countertop will affect the overall look and feel of the kitchen and its properties will need to be considered when coordinating a color scheme for the space.

Granite still seems to be one of the most popular options for countertops.  Properly sealed, it  responds well  to stains, heat and scratchesand comes in a myriad of selections.   Marble is also being considered often now.  I love the look and if properly sealed and maintained, can be quite beautiful as a surface.  Laminate, corian, and synthetic stones are also broadening their horizons and offer plenty of choices and are easier on the budget.  My countertop of choice right now is “honed” stone.  It can be granite or marble but essentially, the finish is not polished but is rather “matte”.  I love that it already has a patina and softens what can be hard lines, like appliances and cabinetry angles in a room.

Next up – make a splash with backsplashes and how to choose the right appliances (that last!)


South Carolina Interior Designer Color ideas

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