The Art of Designing Your Kitchen – Part I: Assess

If kitchen tables could talk, the stories would be endless…

Kitchens are the hub of the home. The design process, however, is complex and can be daunting.  Over the next two weeks we will explore from start to finish the elements I address when looking to redesign a kitchen. From the beginning – assessing, to cabinets and countertops, to budget and finally personalization, each blog will address a different area of this important room.

Part I: Assess

Before any kitchen design project can be successful, you have to assess what you want and what you need and marry that information to what will function.   Begin the process by starting your kitchen “Style File” and begin to collect photos and information about all the things you think you want for this kitchen. Or, start a Pinterest board that is all about kitchens – your designer will find this extremely helpful as well. This is the place to dream big and let your imagination run wild.  Look at how you really live.  The best kitchen is one that functions well.

Ask yourself many questions  such as:

– How many people live in the household?  What are there ages and special needs?

– Do you need to accommodate small children?  Pets?

– Do you cook?  Do you collect kitchen gadgets, spices? Etc.  How do you like to cook?  How many people will you be cooking for at a time?

– Do I love to entertain?  If so, then one oven, dishwasher and sink may not be enough.

– Do you  have kids who like to do homework in the kitchen or perhaps crafters who like to do projects?  If so, consider a large island that can function with counterspace and storage combined.

Be sure to involve the whole family in the question process.  It can actually be pretty fun and you learn a lot about what the rest of your families design dreams are. Take the time to really think this part through.  In the longrun  you will move closer to everyone getting what they really want in the kitchen design.

I would love to hear your comments, questions and thoughts on this series.  What are the answers to your assessment questions?  Leave a comment below and share!  I just might offer you some personal design tips!  Look for the rest of my kitchen series over the next two weeks!

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