T.G.I.F. Thank Goodness Design is NOT Brain Surgery!

South Carolina Interior Designer Shares Luxury Home

Each room in your home should be as grand as this staircase – filled with pride at the incredible process of turning your vision and ideas into a reality!

The focus required to pull off successful interiors is intense.  Sometimes, I take myself and the process way too seriously.  This is when I have to take a deep breath, back off (remember my New Years Intentions!) and laugh at myself!  The details in this business are enormous and it is so easy to become completely obsessed with the process.  When this happens, my amazing staff reminds me that this is not brain surgery.  This makes me laugh because these are the very words I use to coax many a client off the ledge when they get too close to the project and it begins to take over their life.

South Carolina Interior Designer Shares Luxury Home

This amazing full home remodel certainly goes down in the books as one of the most fun, as well as one of the most challenging! I really stretched my own creativity to pull together the colors and overall look and feel in this home. As far away as orange can feel from green, when we are talking about your TV room – My mantra was certainly “Keep the faith!”

Projects go through many stages as they morph into the beautiful butterfly that they become.  Sometimes, the process can be overwhelming, particluarly when the project is in its ugly duckling stage and it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is when you need the faith!  In the end, it is only rooms and it is only stuff and all of it can be changed, coaxed, and manipulated to create a beautiful end result.  I like to say,”I have yet to meet a room I cannot fix”!

South Carolina Interior Designer Shares Luxury Home

Hiring a professional can literally sky rocket the possibilities of what can be created in your home! There is a big difference in creating an elegant and feminine room for your tween daughter and making her feel like a princess every time she walks in her door.

So with that, I say, “relax, and enjoy the journey”…  Get a professional to help you with the myriad of details and then, simply laugh.  It’s good for the soul, but it is also good for the outcome of the room!

South Carolina Interior Designer Shares Luxury Home

Remember to laugh at yourself – and know that there are many stages to go through before the final reveal!

South Carolina Interior Designer Shares Luxury Home

And, at the end of the day – when you rest your head down, remember, it’s not brain surgery!


 Do you need help with a new design project?  Or, perhaps you are in the middle of one and are feeling overwhelmed? Please contact me at Kimberly@knottinghillinteriors.com and visit our website www.KnottingHillInteriors.com

Go and have an It’s So Fabulous Day!

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