South Carolina Luxury Interior Designer Gets “In the Zone”

Each year our football tickets to the University of South Carolina Gamecock games are in a place called “THE ZONE”.   There is a special focus about that place, it’s even a bit magical.  I have heard people talk about getting in “THE ZONE”… a place where a transformative state sort of takes over your body …passion streams through…and the end result is nothing short of an out of body experience.  Artists, actors and musicians all tap into this place when they begin creating.

South Carolina Luxury Interior Designer gets in The Zone

Touch Down! Photo:

So what does luxury interior design and football have in common? Well, that is just what happens to me when I decorate.  Something, bigger than life, takes over my body.  The vision becomes crystal clear and then, as if possessed, my body just whips into action and produces that vision and transforms it into a reality.  I have decorated many a space under this spell only to finish and hardly even be able to recount or retrace my steps or to even know how it really got done.  This state is nothing short of euphoria for me.  Some would probably compare it to a runner’s high and I am sure many an athlete has performed successfully while “being in the zone”.

I now have a surefire formula for getting into the zone.  First, I walk away from my staff and crew.  I sit for a few moments alone and take a some deep breaths.  Closing my eyes, I wait.  My inner sensation feels a bit like a slow down and speed up all at the same time.  I suppose I am revving my engines!  I utter a little peaceful inner mantra and then go back to the space and the little “zonester” just takes over and the rest just comes naturally.

South Carolina Luxury Interior Designer gets in the zone

“Let the Fab Flow…. Let the Fab Flow….. Let the Fab Flow…. (photo:

Have you ever been in the zone?  Have you decorated in the zone?  How do you get there and what does it feel like to you?

Here are some of my favorite, “In the Zone” rooms we have created at Knotting Hill Interiors.  I would love to know what you think! Leave me a comment below!

South Carolina Luxury Interior Designer, Design Tips

I was in the “yellow” zone for this room. Complete state of happiness. Check out my blog talking about the psychology of color in design!

South Carolina Interior Designer, Design Tips

One of my favorite rooms of all time. This was an entire home re-model. I was in in a constant state of “Fab.” Check out the rest of this amazing home here.

South Carolina Interior Designer, Design Tips

This room is screams me, me, me! While every client has their own taste, working with those who have similar tastes to mine is expecially fun! Speaking of my taste – check out these images of my home here!

South Carolina Luxury Designer, Design Tips

I had to brush up on epsiodes of ‘The Women of Hunting’ on the Outdoor Channel to get in the mode to design this “Man Cave” for my husband. Check out our facebook gallery of shots here!

South Carolina Interior Designer, Design Tips

After a long day of “Being in the Fabulous Zone”, a girls gotta relax, right? Come on over and visit our fabulous Facebook page and stay “in the zone” with Knotting Hill Interiors all the time!


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