South Carolina Interior Designer: Getting One on One With My Clients

Every designers dream is create a home for their clients that goes above and beyond their expectations.   Even more than that, now that I have been in the biz for quite some time, the relationships I have built with my clientele over the years makes my job so rewarding when they take me with them from home to home, room to room and with every new addition they add to their family, it is me they call to help them create their living spaces. My clients are actually more like family to me!

I say all this because today’s blog post is a true reflection of how I work with my clients, and this segment of “It’s So Fabulous” is with my client and friend, Amy.  I have worked with Amy on several design projects and because that relationship and trust has been established, we feel very comfortable speaking openly and honestly with one another about expectations and the steps it will take to achieve what she is looking for.  Join me and take a look at this episode of It’s So Fabulous and meet me below for a recap!

  • What are your clients needs? At the very beginning of the segment, I list Amy’s main objectives for the room.  She has four girls, all tweens and teens.  They wanted the room to be more family friendly and also livable so the girls could lounge and watch TV.  I cannot stress enough how this simple objective is crucial for my design team and I to understand the needs you have for a particular project we are working on with you, or with any other designer for that matter.
  • Clear Communication! “What is working for you and what is not.”  This is a great way to keep checking in with your clients and your designer.  A room does not go from drab to fab overnight, you know! Clear communication every step of the way can help to keep both designer and client on the same page through the entire process.
  • Break Down the Elements of a Room – When going over a room with your client, segmenting the room in sections can help your client talk to you about the different elements of a room.  Many times, a client may just be focused on the “bigger picture” of the room. Maybe they have an image in their mind, a look or a feel.  As a designer, it is equally important to educate the client along the way as well as give them those oh-so-important WOW moments, like, “How’d you do that!!”  At the end of the day, for your client to understand that all they might need is to reupholster an old chair to add life to give a room the pop they are looking for or a larger coffee table will meet their needs better than an ottoman will, will help to build those lasting relationships between client and designer and that is what is truly important to build a lifelong business.
  • Special Pieces – Check in with your clients about important heirlooms and artwork before the room is finished! It is inevitable when you are making over a room, there will be items that l not needed, or don’t fit any longer as you bring in new and exciting pieces.  Before that last installation, be sure to go through all of these items with your client and see which pieces are important to them, so that they need to be incorporated into the design.  You can see in this video with Amy, her personal artwork and the work of her children have special meaning, so we want to make sure they have a new, bright space to live in their new room.
  • Building Trust! Again, as the homeowner, I cannot stress enough how important it is to communicate your needs to the designer. Whether your need is as simple as needing a soft carpet for your teenage girls to relax on, all of these small elements will add such a personal touches to your home.  And, as your designer, you can leave the job to us to make sure it is FABULOUS!

What do you think? Have you ever had an experience with a designer where you wished you communicated more?  Do you have a lifelong relationship with your designer?  Do you have a home or a particular room that needs a little touch of “fab?”  Leave your comments below!

Now go have an “It’s So Fabulous Day”

If you need help making your space more FABULOUS, then please contact me at and visit our website


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