South Carolina Interior Designer Celebrates Easter with Style

I just love a holiday and Easter is such a special one! Not only are we celebrating renewal, Easter symbolizes Spring, my favorite time of the year. As a designer, I like to decorate seasonally. And as a Southerner, I just love tradition! Setting the tone at the front door is a big thing for me. How bout my very large boxwood bunnies! I love these guys and my neighbors tell me they look forward to seeing them come out each year…it’s a sign of Spring for them, too!

Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina

Easter starts at my front door with my giant bunnies Pete and Pat!

I typically sprinkle in a few seasonal decorations throughout my home.  Notice the bunny and egg trees on my kitchen counter.  This arrangement is a perfect backdrop to start our Easter brunch with champagne mimosa’s.

Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina

My foyer table with Easter Cards (notice how I am also showing off how fabulous my blue and white pottery looks with my Easter decor!)

Easter at our house is traditional.  We start our morning preparing for church.    Today, like most Easter mornings, is a bit of a scramble.  Everyone is scurrying.  There is a lot of hair to fix, outfits to pull together, belts to find and on and on it goes!  WE made it though and with a few minutes to spare.  Roger doesn’t like to be late, especially for church!

How to have a fabulous Easter in South Carolina

Roger and Grayanna, the first two ready for church this morning.

Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina

Of course, Holden, our youngest, lost one of his shoes this morning so we had to adjust. Seems like something like this happens every year! Can you relate??

A southern style fabulous easter

Now we are ready for church.

After church, festivities begin with Spring gifts from the Easter Bunny!  Our Easter bunny brings us new beach bags each year  instead of baskets.  They are usually  filled with new Spring clothes rather than candy.

Southern Luxury Interior designer has a fabulous easter

Rather than traditional Easter baskets, our Easter Bunny brings the kids beach bags stuffed with new items for spring instead of candy!

Then there is Easter brunch.  Check out my Easter table.  I actually used things I have had for years and added in a few jars of tulips and I think it looks pretty!  My color scheme is blue, coral and lime green.  My fabulous blue and white Motaheddah china is a staple.  It feels very Easter-y when paired with my lime green glassware and a combination of lime green napkins mixed with coral napkins.  Notice the rick rack trim on the napkins.  So cute!
I also just lined the center of the table with the coordinating rick rack placemats (which are reversible) to add a pop of color to my white linen table cloth.

Easter holiday in with a splash of southern style

Easter brunch table!

Easter Brunch goes something like this:

Peach glazed Ham
Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs
Pear Salad
Copper Penny Carrots
Corn  and Sweet Pea Relish
Pineapple Casserole
Roasted Potatoes
Carrot Cake

Following brunch it’s outside for the giant Grigg  Easter Egg hunt!  Three golden prize eggs this year.  Our standard poodle, Gatsby, found the first egg!  We forgot about the eggs being hidden and peeked out the window only to see Gatsby munching down on some licorice sticks!  Thank goodness he didn’t find the chocolate!

Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina

A Poodle Party!


Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina

Millicent’s Easter dress. I think she looks like a bumble bee!

Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina


I had an amazing day with my family.  I am so thankful to be able to celebrate each and every day with them.  They make want to be a better person each day.  And, while “Mom” is usually the Easter Bunnies helper, stuffing all the baskets (and doing some of the shopping…) the big guy and my wonderful family did not forget about me this year!

Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina

Hello big giant chocolate egg!

Celebrating Easter in Style in South Carolina

Holden’s shoes. No wonder things get lost around here. The maid took this picture right before she picked them up and put them away. 😉

I hope all of you had an amazing holiday and are ready to ring in the spring, fresh flowers, white shoes, chocolate for special occasions and making memories with your family.

Now go have an It’s So Fabulous Day everyone!!!!!

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