Simplifying Your Interior Design (Part 2): A Reflection of YOU

I find that my work as an interior designer is not only a way to beautify the homeowner’s property, but it also provides a “fresh start” from the chaos of their everyday decor. Often, as soon as I step foot through the front door, it is clear to me that the property owner has become bogged down in the “stuff” they have acquired through the years. While there is certainly a time and a place for collections and family heirlooms, making the effort to clear physical clutter is often a  metaphorical representation of a person’s life. In fact, the process of cleaning out these decorating “cobwebs” generally cleanses the mind, body, and soul, as well.
So, where do you begin?
How many of us have several junk drawers (rooms, sometimes, even!) to house all of our items that we just don’t know where to locate? While it’s convenient to have a dumping pile for all of the random items in your home, tossing them in a disorganized drawer where you can’t even find what you need is rather counterproductive. Limiting your number of junk drawers, as well as the items located inside those drawers, promotes simplified living.
Master bedroom

Designed by Kimberly Grigg, Knotting Hill Interiors


The garage is a place that often contains many “someday” projects or activities… many of which never come to fruition. So, knowing that the garage is a direct reflection of you, cleaning out its contents should make its way on to your “to do” list.  Once your have bitten the bullet and gotten it started, it should immediately begin to impart a feeling of satisfaction and simplification.  In addition, it may, once again, make it possible to park your car in the garage!

Garage from Southern Living

Love this garage! Photo from Southern Living


We all love the stunning gardens we see featured in design magazines! However, in reality, these yards often require constant maintenance, and if not properly attended, can become an time-consuming – and never-ending! –  project!  The key is to plant low maintenance, low water-consumption, indigenous plants for your yard. In doing so, your garden will become more of a source of pleasure than angst.

low maintenance gardens


Consider the money you are wasting on energy bills that is literally going out the window! Caulking and sealing windows and doors, as well as adding insulation to the attic are just a few of the simple ways to decrease waste and simplify the cost of energy each month.

In addition, if you can afford to upgrade your windows and exterior doors, consider change them to storm doors and windows.



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