Seashells Done Well


Breaking out the fine china for your shells!
Display your favorite shells in a beautiful blue and white dish!

It’s pretty reasonable to assume that those of us who desire to have a home on the sea, love to be near the beach.  We love the sand between our toes, basking in the sunshine, the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore and long lazy afternoons walking up and down the shoreline looking for seashells.  As an interior designer who happens to have her business about two blocks from the beach, I see and hear this from my customers and clients all the time.  The first thing I have heard out of many a family interested in my services for designing their beach home is a very adamant opinion about seashells.  And that is, NO SEASHELLS.  I am here to offer an argument in favor of the shell.  Please, hold your opinions until the blog post is finished.  I’m determined to make a believer out of you!

Three Ways To Do Seashells Well

1.  Seashells have grown up!


Starfish pillows on the bed and fan coral on the mantel.

Walking into an old musty smelling beach house with shell lamps, shell mirrors, shell chandeliers are a thing of the past!  There is a whole new world of elegant and sophisticated world of “how-to” do shells well.  Believe me, there are many days I walk into work with sand between my toes! I love being a beach girl and it is truly something special to be able to bring the restorative calm that the sea offers into your home.  Our store has a large selection of fabulous shell fabrics and wallpapers along with our team of experts to help you show “just the right amount of shell” in your home.


Shells lift the eye up to whats above!

2.  Use shells to accent

You don’t have to have a wallpaper and entire room with shells to remind yourself of your love of the ocean.  Shell statement pieces are in.  What I mean by statement, is you might display them like art or as an elegant collection.  I love the white on white look with shells.  It speaks to open, breezy, airy and clean.  Sort of like the way you want your mind to feel when you are on vacation!


You can almost smell the salt air in this image!

3. Shells do not mean beach! Other ways to bring the beach into your home

Bringing a seaside feel into your home definitely does not mean finding the perfect bookend conch shells!  The use of color, when done right, goes a long way to invoke a feeling or tell a story about what is important to you.  Bold, bright coral and turquoise give rise to the jewel tone colors that live at the bottom of the sea floor. Or use soft “sandier” hues like gray blues, browns and tans.


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