Quest for the Perfect Color!

I dare say that the hardest color I have ever selected was the one that was to grace the exterior of my fabulous new Knotting Hill Interiors location. Appropriately situated right out in the direct eyes of God and everyone … on THE main highway of Myrtle Beach, SC… this color had to live up to extremely high expectations! Even men in my community expressed an interest in it! Having been told over and over by many a prominent business people what a fabulous location I snagged, the job of selecting the ever-so-perfect color for the building became even more daunting! On the first day the primer went on the building, my phone nearly blew up with all the texts from people expressing their opinions about the shade of blue that I had selected!?  Let’s just say that the selection of this color could have been compared to me taking out a giant billboard announcing “WATCH TO SEE IF I CAN PICK A COLOR!!!!”

For months I tossed and turned and doubted every bit of training I have ever received about color selection.  Even my True Colour Expert certification seemed like a figment of my imagination. I was even physically sick when the primer went up!?!!

So… it is in all its glory… A loooooovely shade of blue that is a combination of navy, sapphire and cobalt all combined into one. The color is Benjamin Moore Van Deussen Blue .

Benjamin Moore Van Deussen Blue

Benjamin Moore Van Deussen Blue

Many challenges presented themselves as I selected the right color. The first was that I was stuck with a hot pink sign from the previous building. I don’t know how many of you have checked the price of signs lately, but a new one was NOT in the budget, especially in this economy! I desperately NEEDED a color that didn’t look “cute” with the hot pink. That eliminated the entire green family. I began to explore the other options and each and every time, the colors appeared “cute”, rather than elegant, like the vision in my head. The next challenge was to include our staple brown that has become our signature color as a company.  Brown and white striped paper, as well as our “little brown box”, has become a statement of elegance in our community.  In addition, my staff is particularly attached to our brown… PLUS, the “frugal in me” was not about to donate 5000 brown boxes that we already own simply for the purpose of incorporating a new color. I knew that brown had to be a part of our new look…somehow!

Taking all of those factors into consideration, what did I end up with?! How about a lovely shade of sapphire that makes hot pink look rich and inviting, while also blending brown and white striped awnings into the design?

Knotting Hill Interiors

Please excuse the missing letter in the sign... We are working on matching it to the correct color!

Knotting Hill Interiors

Side View of building

Knotting Hill Interiors

Knotting Hill Interiors

Opening SOON!

Vavavavoom… I think we nailed it! What do YOU think?

We are over the moon about our new home! We all especially like the draperies at the front door. Coming soon are topiaries with hot pink flowers along with our signature “WELCOME to KNOTTING HILL” hot pink rugs for in front of the doors!

Stay tuned in for the remaining unveiling. We have high hopes of being open in just a few weeks! Let us know what you think of our new color choices!!!

Now, go have an “It’s So Fabulous!” day!

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