New Year | Fresh Design, Part III


Start the New Year off right with my end of year series on “Fresh Design.” This is the last of three posts from beating any holiday blues (asI sometimes feel when packing away the decorations!) by giving a room a fresh new look with accessories such as throw pillows and/or new lamps to the easiest way to give a room a whole new look and feel – a fresh coat of paint.  But, of course before you can do that in ANY room, you have to get organized!


Stay Organized by Eliminating Clutter

There is no better time to get organized than in the New Year. Make a goal to “stay” organized by pledging to purge the first day of every month. Another good practice is to clean out your closet. For clothing items with which you are not ready to part, turn those hangers around backwards. If, after three months, you have not worn those garments, chances are pretty good you never will. You can safely let those items go, leaving room for new clothing or just to have some extra space.


Reduce unnecessary disorder by recycling holiday magazine catalogs that have already been read. Roll them up, and use them as “boot trees.” This will help winter boots keep their shape.

I LOVE receiving Christmas cards.  There is still something about ol’ snail mail!  It seems such a waste to throw them all away, so I reuse them each year as gift labels!  You might want to keep the prettiest ones if you receive a lot, and be sure to recycle the rest.

Assess each room individually. If you have keepsakes or an area of your home looks crowded, find pretty boxes or hide-away storage bins in which to store the items. You can even have a family “craft” day to custom design the storage boxes, allowing you to spend time with your loved ones while also tackling a necessary project. However you begin the process, start the year with a renewed perspective on home décor and organization.

A few ideas I found on Pinterest that I am looking to incorporate into my own fresh design in 2014…


The biggest culprit in making your home feel disorganized?  The kids!  Creating a cool space for their things, I have found, makes it easier to get them to help clean up!  If everything has it’s place, it is also easier for you to do a quick sweep through of their play space and get it neat and tidy again!


I am a huge fan of sorting out my daily tasks, for personal and professional!  I have also done this where each member of the family has a place for papers, homework, etc.  Add a dry erase calendar to this and you are golden!


That just looks like heaven, doesn’t it?


Start organizing right at the front door and you can’t go wrong! I love this light and fresh foyer space!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

South Carolina Interior Designer Color ideas

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