NATURAL INSPIRATION: From the Back Porch (Part 3)

I have been told a time or two (or twenty, maybe!) that I am a woman of many words…. translation…. “You talk too much, Kimberly!”. So, having said that, I am making an effort to let these photos do most of the talking today, since they are so FABULOUS all on their own! No promises for future blogs, but for today, I will only add a few snippets and captions to the fullness of explanation already provided by these pictures.

There are, perhaps, no greater rooms in a home than those found in the backyard. Porches, gazebos, pool houses, guest cottages, and verandas are all spaces that can inspire emotion and make us feel connected with our natural environments. They are the liaisons between our inside and outside worlds, and they bridge the gap between the two spaces. For these reasons, I devote today’s blog to celebrating the open-air spaces that can be appreciated from our own backyards!


…… Throw a PARTY!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have friends over for a wine-tasting dinner at this grand table? Via Elle Decor.

This space feels like a real living room, complete with furniture, rug, curtains, and mirror! Via House Beautiful.

What a chic backdrop for a party this would be! Via Elle Decor.

What a view for an evening gathering with friends! Via Elle Decor.

I can see a girly party happening here... complete with strawberry martinis! Via House Beautiful.

….. Curl up with a good book!

This greenhouse is just so charming! I want to BE in this space RIGHT now, please! Via Country Living.

Again.... take me here NOW! Pleassse!

WOW! Look at this FABULOUS covered sofa! A nap would definitely be in my future! Via House Beautiful.

I can just feel the breeze from the outside blowing the pages of my paperback novel! Via Elle Decor.

…… Have  a picnic!

I love these curtains and comfy seating. Perfect for a fruit and fondue picnic! Via Better Homes & Gardens.

What a charmingly understated space that makes me want to throw a red-checked tablecloth over the table and bring in the picnic basket! Via Elle Decor.

The chandelier in this outdoor space makes it seem more like an indoor space, but with all the benefits of casual, outdoor dining! Via Better Homes & Gardens.

…… SNEAK a kiss from my hubby!

I bet this view is even more stunning with the light of the moon over the sea.... So romantic! Via House Beautiful.

Perfect spot for snuggling the one you love! Via Elle Decor.

Room for two! Via Elle Decor.

……. Entertain house guests!

I mean, really, how adorable is this little guest cottage?! Via Traditional Home.

…… Pray for cooler weather!

What a delicious outdoor fireplace! Via Better Homes & Gardens.

If only it wasn't 102 degrees outside right now..... Via Better Homes & Gardens.

……. Sip some lemonade from a mason jar, and tell my kids a story!

I can see my entire family, including dogs, piled on this sofa, making those chains scream for mercy! Via Better Homes & Gardens.

I can almost hear the porch door slamming and the chow bell ringing, albeit a very sophisticated bell! Via House Beautiful.

It only seems right that this covered veranda would be swarming with family and pets enjoying the day together! Via House Beautiful.

…… Breathe in the fresh air…. and appreciate all that life has to offer!

Putting it all in perspective.... Life is good! Via Elle Decor.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!’ DAY!

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