Kimberly Grigg

Hi, I’m Kimberly Grigg. I am glad you are here.

My whole life has been filled with elements of design.

I have designed interiors, draperies, staging and sets, clothing, a wardrobe system, jewelry, events, and even florals! I have made it my mission to help folks like you transform their day to day lifestyles that are meaningful, beautiful and include mindful design.

Designing a home and a lifestyle is sheer fun! Believing that work should be joyful is the fundamental element that starts any project for me. But not only should it prove pleasurable for me, it should be a “journey of joy” for you as well!

Equally important is the elements of comfort and function! Even as a designer who holds beauty close to the heart, I believe that you must address form before you take care of the beauty! It is really important to meet the needs of you and your family first, then, I promise to weave beauty into the mix. This is the best of both worlds.

My job in all of this is to help you find your fabulous and there is a definite way to go about it. First, I need to get to know you. My strength is working with various personalities to make your space belong to you and your family. It’s a secret society of understanding and it’s important to the overall process. You might be wondering at this point, what if my spouse and I disagree? Don’t worry, I’ve got you! Designing for the sexes is my middle name!!!

A good design digs deep. I pick up the shovel and help you start digging. I like to find the things that really matter and that are going to matter more and more over the years of living in your space. Once we do this, it is easy to build beauty around it.

As a serial entrepreneur and an expansive background in business, I approach design in a business-like manner. Don’t worry, this is fun, too and there is enough creativity in the mix to give you anything but ordinary! I laughingly exclaim I have made the creative surges often associated with good design as scientific as possible. Over the years, I have created a well-oiled machine that focused on good design with the right products married to a respectful budget to create “magic” in the home! This system keeps the dream alive and the budget in tact.

Speaking of budget, we are frequently asked if we work with any size budget. The answer is that this too is a process. First, we help you set a realistic budget and the priorities that accompany it. Our design center, which is the 5th largest in the Southern United States, has a plethora of resources both high end and lower to keep your project where you want it to be. WE have spent years curating both inexpensive and luxury products to offer you an assortment that combines to deliver you the home of your dreams! Everyone should live beautifully, no matter what their station in life!


Stylish, sophisticated and dramatic, Kimberly Grigg brings her unique talents to client’s homes across the country and to her retail boutique, Knotting Hill Interiors. An award winning retail boutique and an award winning full service design firm, Knotting Hill offers luxury interior design, renovation and remodeling services, custom design, childrens rooms and nurseries and accessorizing. The retail boutique sells fabric, home furnishings, retail design, lamps, accessories, art, upscale furniture consignment, gifts, fashion and jewelry. Voted “Best on the Beach” in both retail and design, our customers say that this place and this process is truly “enchanted”! Knotting Hill Interiors is based in Myrtle Beach South Carolina and is located at 7751 North Kings Hwy.