Renovation & Remodeling

When your project calls for remodeling, our team is very adept at the entire process. From interior and exterior color selections to full knowledge and understanding of the construction process, as well as historical renovation. We can guide you effortlessly through the myriad of choices and selections to help make your home all that you dreamt it could be.
Knotting Hill Interiors was the chosen design firm to restore the prestigious and historical Pine Lakes Country Club, the ”Granddaddy” of United States golf courses. We can help you with your all of your home renovation and home remodeling needs as well.

  • Historical renovation
  • Home remodeling
  • Home renovation
  • Home addition
  • Bathroom remodel
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Kitchen remodel
  • Small kitchen remodel
  • Small Bathroom remodel
  • Master bedroom design

Creating a plan for a home remodel or home addition falls naturally into stages. We've arranged our services into individual steps so we can easily work with you on any part of your project or through the entire process.

Concept Design:

Knotting Hill Interiors provides you with a floor plan, elevations and 3-D model views. This includes basic dimensions, appliance and fixture placements, cabinet sizes, and a lighting plan.
Figuring out an ideal room layout is the primary challenge for most homeowners. Rely on us to offer excellent solutions, years of experience and expertise to make the most of your space.
Complete home remodeling or even a single room, like a kitchen remodel, requires decisions to be made on literally hundreds of details. We can help you coordinate all material and color choices, ensuring that everything will function and work beautifully together as well as meet or exceed your expectations and your vision.

  • We assess the space to be remodeled
  • We interview you in depth about your lifestyle and preferences
  • As color and style specialists, we learn what colors & styles you prefer to live with
  • We incorporate design elements and options based on your budget
  • One to three optional layouts are developed based on your lifestyle
  • Together we review the options and discern the most desirable solution for you
  • Using your feedback, we create your working concept

We can incorporate your furnishings into your design. We assemble a collection of samples and photos to appeal to your style. Together we review these options, discussing design & budget. We give you our experienced opinions as we design to your specific needs and desires. We refine and make any new selections needed until you absolutely love it!

Selections and Specifications:

We carefully walk you through all aspects of the home remodeling decision making process. Hundreds of choices need to be made concerning materials, placement, functionality and aesthetics. They are all interdependent and need to be made with care and a strong understanding of codes requirements, specifications and how these choices will affect the overall design and experience of the space. Knotting Hill Interiors’ expertise in home remodeling and home renovation will ensure that all your selections will contribute to the overall design, will meet all necessary requirements and will ultimately increase your home’s value.

Construction Process:

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, we will be able to suggest the best planning method.
1. If the project is of considerable size such as a large home addition or a kitchen remodel, and would require the services of an architect. We can facilitate the process through bringing all parties together, developing a design, preparing a Scope of Work and an estimated investment for the project.
2. If the project requires major design work, such as a kitchen remodel, basement, major bathroom renovation or simple home addition, our design team will handle the design, selection of materials, preparing a Scope of Work, and an estimated investment for the project.
3. If the project is more limited in scope and does not require the services of an architect, then we can prepare a design concept and coordinate the services and labor required for the project, as well as, handle all interior design aspects of the project.
Trust Knotting Hill Interiors to handle your home renovation and home remodeling needs. From an historical renovation to a bathroom remodel we have the experience and expertise to provide outstanding service, great value and a design for the way you live with an element of surprise.

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