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Meet Julie.  Aside from despising getting her photo made, she is absolutely lovely in every other way (including in this picture taken by the Knotting Hill Interiors official photographer for homes AND staff, Carl Kerridge.)  Julie is the hippest, trendiest lady I know. When our clients work with Julie to help them design their homes, by the end of the project, they want Julie to help design their lives! She is a true artist .

I am so excited that Julie is going to be blogging for “It’s So Fabulous” every other week sharing her tips on how to inspire a fabulous lifestyle.  Here is a little Q&A I did with her during her photo shoot.

Kimberly -How long have you been an interior designer?

Julie – I have been with Knotting Hill for 7 years! Wow, Kimberly! Can you believe it has been that long?

Kimberly – Time sure flies when you are having fun!

Julie – It sure does! So, lets see, I was designing for about three years before I came here to work with you – so ten years! 

Kimberly – When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

Julie – This is actually a really funny story.  So,  when I was little I really wanted one of those Barbie Dream Houses.  Well, my mom would never by me one because she thought I would outgrow it after a few months. I had to be creative and I made my own Barbie Dream House.  I would cut pictures out of magazines and create art for the walls, I made little bedspreads out of washcloths, curtains and  pillows out of scrap pieces of fabric. I played with that Barbie Dream House for years and it really helped me to tap into my own creativity.  

Kimberly – That IS a great story!  Did your parents think you were born to be a designer after that?

Julie – I think they always knew I was going to do something creative.  I loved to draw, paint and color. Oh Lord did I love to color.  If it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t good enough for me.  I remember years after the “Barbie Dream House” days, my mom told me that she had felt bad about something for years and years and she wanted to apologize.  She wanted to say she was sorry for not buying my that Barbie Dream House!  I had to laugh.  I would thank my Mom now, because that is one of the earliest memories I have of actually tapping into my creativity. So, thanks Mom! 

Kimberly – Where are you from?

Julie – I am from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  Born and raised!

Kimberly – A true G.R.I.T.S.!

Julie – Yes, ma’am! Girls Raised in the South and proud of it!

Luxury Interior Designer from the South

Kimberly – What do you think your home says about your personality?

Julie – I am in the middle of building a new home right now, so it is empty! (laughs) That is a tough question!  I have an appreciation for so many styles and don’t think I could categorize myself or my home into just one style or one particular taste.  My true hope is that when someone walks into my home, they  will really see that it is a reflection of my personality. So much so, that they recognize that it is a such a perfect fit for me, that it is cool, but they may not necessarily want it in their own home.  

Kimberly – I see that in all of the homes you design for your clients, Julie.  They are always unique, different and a true mark of their personality.  But, if you DID have to describe your style in one word, what would it be?

Julie – Sophisticated.  I would definitely say that my style is flexible, but a definite must is elements of sophistication and class.  So, that is two words.

Kimberly – And, I totally agree! Two fabulous words that describe your style.   Who are your design inspirations?

Julie – I just love Mary McDonald.  I have been a huge fan of her for years.

Kimberly – Me, too!

Julie – And, of course YOU Kimberly!  

Kimberly – Awww, thank you Julie.  So, I have one last question.  I know this because I work side by side with you everyday -but there are two things you are totally obsessed with.  The first is Greek Key…

Julie – I LOVE all things geometric, but I especially do love Greek Key.  I am especially obsessed right now with geometric floors.  What is the second?  Now I am curious!

South Carolina Interior Designer loves Geometrics and Greek Key

Ahhh! A piece of blue and white china with Greek Key around the top of the cup. It’s meant to be.

Kimberly – That you can’t wait to put your little girl to bed each night so you can stalk Pinterest!

Julie – Ok, you got me! YES! I am obsessed with Pinterest.  My husband calls Pinterest my girlfriend, so I guess you could call Pinterest my mistress! It is really inspiring to see all of the other professional designers that are using Pinterest and it is so easy to connect with their amazing ideas and designs, keep up with trends, and get super creative with my clients.  And, I am designing a brand new home right now, so my pinning addiction has been very helpful with that! 

Kimberly – I can’t wait for your new blog series on It’s So Fabulous!  

Julie – I am so excited as well!  I will feature the latest trends and ways to make design personal, a signature of who you are and what your life is about.  I am sure we will touch on Greek Key as well. 🙂

Kimberly – Thanks so much for talking with me!  

Julie – I had a fabulous time! 

Live Inspired and Stay Fabulous!


Kimberly xoxo

For help with your home or room design please contact me at and visit our website.  Follow Knotting Hill on Pinterest.


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