Luxury Interior Design: What’s Modern Now

Back in the June 2010 issue of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine, there was an article written that featured quotes from influential Atlanta-based design and style bloggers, all answering the same question….

Ever since reading that article, I have considered my own response to this question.  One of the answers that stood out to me most, in particular, was written by Jane Douglas Reynolds and Helen Draper Young of Whitehaven Interiors blog….
“Modern design… is about mixing classic pieces, new pieces, and exotic pieces together. Today’s rooms reflect where we’ve been and where we’re going. In our increasingly connected global community, a modern room has pieces from far and near, priced high and low. Modern isn’t about the money we spend, but the connections we have to the treasures we collect on our journeys.”
I could not agree more with this response! When I am designing a space for an interior design client, I enjoy adding a bit of the “unexpected” in every room! Incorporating pieces from the homeowners’ own collections and life experiences is what makes their decor personal and unique to them. Not all of the pieces in a space need to “match”. In fact, the opposite is true! Blending different woods and finishes, as well as adding splashes of color and history provide a very customized feel.
Here are two examples of rooms with mixed finishes that I designed for my firm, Knotting Hill Interiors….
Cabana room
Living room

Notice the varied types of woods and colors in this living room.

Here are a few other excerpts from quotes in the same article , describing “what’s modern now”….

“Modern means living in the now and looking forward,  but also being aware of what the past has given us.”

Barry Leach,

“…. It’s about reinterpreting traditional shapes or fabrics in a way that is fresh and unexpected yet not contrived. Nothing fades more quickly than trends of today…”

– Jennifer Bowles,

“…Modern is collecting pieces that have special meaning and bringing them together in creative ways. It’s about the freedom to express your point-of-view without being constrained by new trends or old rules.”

– Ally Kim,

“Scaled-back luxury is modern now. Choose one piece to splurge on and do the rest in moderation…”

– Blayne Beacham,

“Modern means color, especially rich, clear color….”

– Courtney Barnes,

“Modern is an appreciation of light, an awareness of color and texture, and an understanding of volume. It is how put these things together that defines ‘modern’….”

– Stephen Pararo,

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!



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