Living the Fab Life – Happy Birthday to Me!

Birthdays have a funny way of connecting you with reality.


First, a few girlfriends called and wanted to have a gathering for my special day and asked me who I wanted to invite.  I suddenly realized that I have not been doing a good job with making and keeping connections.  That work thing again… just somehow keeps getting in the way.  Once we decided on “spa day”, I knew I wanted to spend it with those that I cherished the most with a vow to make more time for them, myself and a few other friends that I miss seeing on a regular basis.

It dawned on me, life really is short, so, why not make it meaningful?

Looking forward to our semi-annual and our annual spa-cations with my fabulous friends! So grateful for each of you for making my day so special!

My new intention?  As my friend Jackie so adeptly put it, “ to radiate”!  I want to radiate goodness.  I also want  to radiate beauty.  My work allows me to do this easily and effortlessly.  I just need to learn when to cut it off!  When I do, it just seems to flow so freely.  So my birthday resolution is to radiate beauty and to do so effortlessly.


These inward journeys are some of life’s greatest moments.


I recently listened to an Oprah show on my fabulous XM radio.  I just love me some Oprah and so wish she could have joined us for spa day, but her schedule just didn’t allow.  Meanwhile, she said that her life really began when she started writing in her “gratitude journal”. Each day she list  at least  5 things that she is grateful for.  So happy birthday to me, I went out and bought myself a gratitude journal for my birthday and if Oprah can do it (after all she is busier than me!) then so can I.  I have so much to be thankful for.  God, loving family, great friends, my beautiful animals, fabulous employees and a business that is absolutely fulfilling to the bottom of my toes.  Life is good!!!!!!


So thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and  to my special and closest friends and family  who made me slow down for a moment, catch my breath and realize what is important.  Love, kisses and heartfelt gratitude to you all!!!!!!


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