Light Up Your Life with Holiday Flair!

“Light” is such a significant part of Christmas…. In both a symbolic and literal sense. We incorporate light into our festive decors and emphasize its significance throughout the overall representation of the holiday season.

Here are a few tips for making your Christmas tree lighting easier:

Photo from Traditional Home

1. Check for outages BEFORE you apply lights to the tree.

It is so exciting to have that one dramatic tree-lighting moment where you plug in all the cords at the same time- and VOILA! – the whole tree dreamily lights up perfectly! However, more often than not, what actually happens is that one (or more!) of those carefully wrapped strands of lights decides not to illuminate, either in whole or part. And then, there you are… not only disappointed in the failure of your much anticipated “tree lighting ceremony”, but also ANNOYED at the time you wasted applying faulty lights! GRRRRRR….. Ok, so what I recommend is plugging in your lights BEFORE you begin wrapping them on the tree. In doing so, the aforementioned frustration is thwarted, in addition to the fact that you are actually able to SEE how many lights you are applying to each branch. Kinda helpful, right?

2. Divide your tree into three triangular sections.

Start at the top of the tree and work your way down the first “triangle” (each triangle starts at the top and widens as the tree gets fatter at the bottom). Apply the lights by weaving them in-and-out and back-and-forth along each branch. Your tree will have much more lighted depth if you add lights closer to the tree trunk AND on the outer parts of the branches. Simply applying lights to the tips of all the branches, which many people do, will not provide the same magical appearance as filling the branches with lights all the way to the trunk. Yes, it will require more lights and time to do it this way, but the overall outcome is well worth the added effort.

3. Hide the cords!

Nothing takes away from a beauty of a Christmas tree quite like the appearance of disheveled cords and/or plugs hanging all over the place. When you wrap your lights on the tree, make an effort NOT to move to the next branch when you are at the outer TIP of the previous branch. Instead, transition to the next branch when you are closer to the tree trunk. In doing so, the cords will be less visible and distracting. Also, be sure to hide plugs in the back of the tree and under the tree skirt as much as possible.

4. Never plug more than 300 lights (or three strands) together.

Although it may not happen immediately, it is a recipe for disaster to “piggyback” more than three strands of lights to one another. Inevitably, they will overload the plug and blow out one or more of your strands. If this has ever happened to you, you already know the frustration of having to remove all of the decorations from your tree to fix the issue. Again, GRRRR….

5. When you get to the bottom of each triangular section, step back and look for “dark” areas on your tree.

If you see any bare spots, readjust your lights to fill in the “holes”. It is much easier to correct the problem before moving on to a new section of the tree.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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