Just a Dash of (Part 3)… Something Alive!

There are many different interior design styles to suit the needs and preferences of everyone. In most cases, there are elements from each style that are exclusive to that one style, as well as those components that cross over to other styles. However, there are only a few elements that I would say universally suit EVERY decor. One example is the inclusion of live (or freshly cut) plants and flowers into any space!  Look at these different examples of styles that all incorporate something “alive” into their designs…..


This country kitchen adds the cozy warmth of a live plant to the table.

This modern space breaks up the coolness of the room with several living elements!

Here is an eclectic space with a live tree that emphasizes the ceiling height.

This kitchen is full of light with its bright white decor, but the topiary adds life to the space.


The fresh cut greenery in this traditional style space provides an organic type of feel.

This style is a blend between American and contemporary, and fresh greenery with a single, large bloom, breathes life into it.

This contemporary-coastal space adds large plant cuttings (and drama!) to the decor design!

This fresh cut branch adds interest to this traditional bedroom decor.

This eclectic living room with modern flair is grounded with live greenery.


This contemporary-coastal design adds additional color to the room with containers of fresh cut flowers.

This traditional Hamptons home with French accents brings some of the outside in with a large arrangement of flowers on the sideboard table. On a sidenote, love the de Gournay wallcoverings!

This laid-back, Coastal style room adds a touch of lavender color with a fresh cut floral arrangement.

Every room in the house can benefit from the addition of plants and flowers… Even bathrooms!

This bathroom has two arrangements of live plant life!

Here is a shower that even got a splash of "living color"!

Porches are also an excellent place to add plants! In doing so, the outdoors is connected with the indoor furniture elements.

The relaxed feel of these plant cuttings makes the space even more warm and inviting!

These plants seem to fit well with the animal print pillows.

This lovely table is made complete with these beautiful flowers.

The benefits of adding greenery to your space obviously include an aesthetic appeal. However, plants also clean the air and bring the outdoors inside. The universal element of “nature” speaks to all of us on some level, and we can all relate to it.

The one caution I have about adding living plants to your home is that you actually keep them alive and healthy. There is nothing worse than when I see dead plants hanging around the homes of my interior design clients. There has probably been an entire truckload of failing plants that have met their tragic dumpster fates by the will of my hands! All plants should beware upon my arrival at your home! My advice would be to start with plants that are easy to maintain and manage and build up from there.

No matter what your budget or decor, from luxury interior design to the smallest of cottages, plants and flowers are almost always acceptable choices for your spaces. So, if you are working on a home remodel or just sprucing up a current design, consider inserting something live into your home!


NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY

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