Jackie O! (My Goodness) It’s So Fabulous! Pinterest LOVE!

You already know how fabulous it is and now we do too at Knotting Hill InteriorsPinterest is my new passion! How did we ever live without it before?  I am so excited about all of the amazing things Pinterest can offer not only a designer and  client, but the potential it has for co-creation when working on a project together.  It can even be an amazing tool for remote consultations! From being a Southern Belle, to my own design creations to creating color stories I feel like I am just getting started understanding the possibilities this new social platform could have for the design community! Check out my tips below as to why Pinterest is my pick this week for T.G.I.F.

1. INSPIRATION has to be my #1 reason why Pinterest is so amazing.  Anyone who has a creative bone in their body and especially for designers who are, by nature, visual people, appreciate the intention behind Pinterest for the individual.  You can create a visual representation of your life, or at least a part of it, in minutes whether that is a goal you have to be more fit, plan a wedding or event, find new recipes, (ahem) design a room in your home, find inspiring quotes – pretty much whatever you are looking for you can find it and create a “board” to represent it!Check out my board about Jackie O, truly one of the most amazing women in history, in my opinion.  Whether you are inspired by historic style icons or horses (another passion of mine!), the visual Pinterest Playground is like one big posh picnic in the park! I could stay and hang out for hours!

Jackie O Pinterest Board for Interior Designer Inspiration

2. SHARING or in my new “Pinterest” lingo… RE-PINNING allows you not only use your own images and upload them, but here we are with millions of other people who are getting creative and being inspired and we can all come together on this platform and share images and ideas.  How fab!

3.  CO-CREATION!  Now THIS is what I am so excited about! As a designer, I can create design boards to reflect my own personal style, or those of my past clients based on a design I worked on for them.  We can also come together to create future designs by creation either public or private boards together to look at colors,  I am able to get ideas as to what your personal style is by you pinning what you love, if you live remotely you could even create a board with images of your current home and we can so an entire design consult based on what rooms you are looking to re-model!  The possibilities are truly endless and as a designer, I am so excited!

So, as you can see, Pinterest is my new playground and that is why it is my pick for this week’s T.G.I.F.  I would LOVE for my next consult to be with YOU and for us to co-create an amazing room together in your home by using good old fashion talking it out, but also by utilizing these amazing modern platforms of technology!

Pinterest for Luxury Interior Designers

From my Pinterest Board – “A Southern State of Mind

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