It Works… But WHY? (PART 3): Light Fixtures & Lamps

There is a seemingly endless supply of light fixture and lamp options! So, how in the world do you ever decide which ones work in your space? Well, much of that decision is based upon your own style and preferences, but here are a few helpful ideas to keep in mind when making your lighting selections. All of the photos pictured are spaces I have designed for my luxury interior design or condominium package clients at Knotting Hill Interiors.

1. Consider the size of the lamp in relationship to the piece of furniture on which it is sitting.

If you have a bulky piece of furniture, putting a teeny lamp on it will be unflattering to both. The same is true with the opposite…. choosing a chunky lamp for a petite table will just appear out of scale.

This table is small in scale, so this skinny lamp is a good option for it.

This chest is large enough to comfortably accommodate a matching pair of light fixtures.

2.  Consider the height of the lamp.

Depending upon the location that you are placing the lamp, you should be sure that it is not so tall that you are looking at the hardware from underneath.

Although these lamps are different from one another, they are both the appropriate height to provide proper lighting, while also not being too tall, so that their underneaths show.

Since this chest is higher than this chair, it is important to make sure that the lamp is not too tall from the lower vantage point.

3. Consider the scale of lamps beside a bed.

Personally, I do not like skinny lamps beside a bed. The scale seems all wrong, because the  bed is massive and the lamps are skinny. Instead, I typically opt for a pair of weightier lamps.

This bedroom is one that I designed for a model home, and its lamps are scaled well to the size of the bed, as opposed to using skinny lamps.

These lamps are suited to the size of this space and the scale of the bed.

4. When choosing a chandelier, consider the height of the fixture in relationship to the ceiling height.

If you have a higher ceiling, your chandelier needs to occupy that vertical space more, so it should be larger in scale. For a lower ceiling, the chandelier can be wide, but you will be limited to “shorter” light fixtures.

These ceilings are very tall, so I chose a dramatically tall chandelier for this client's dining room.

As you can see, this chandelier that comes standard with this condominium package reflects the appropriate size for the ceiling height.


NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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