Introducing the Master of Fabrics… Mark!


“I think that is what makes southern design so special. It is about creating a feeling of connection to your grandmothers front porch. It is about tassels and wing chairs and blue and white china handed down from generation to generation.”

A moment with Mark could change your life for the better, or at least a window treatment or two (and maybe a couple chairs and a sofa!).  Mark certainly changed my life for the better when he decided to make that U-Turn when he was on vacation in Myrtle Beach and almost passed Knotting Hill Interiors.  Something made him turn around and come in to the store.  Well, the rest, as they say, is history.  He is now a permanent fixture at KHI and I am excited to introduce you to our very own “Master of Fabrics.”

Mark will begin a blog series for It’s So Fabulous every other week touching on everything from fabric to color, patterns and layering; and how he expresses his passion for southern design.

Kimberly – Let’s get straight to the heart of it, Mark.  In your own words, what does southern design mean to you?

Mark – Well, Kimberly… YOU are the epitome of Southern Design first of all!  Secondly, I would describe southern design as traditional with just the right amount of “over the top.”  We have deep roots here in the south and we want that to come across in the look and feel in our homes.

Kimberly – I could not agree more. With both of your definitions! 🙂  Are you originally from the south, Mark?

Mark – I am.  I was born in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Kimberly – How long have you been an interior designer?

Mark – 12 years.  I started out working for the Limited Corporation (Bath & Body, Express) and would put together the floor plans and designs for their new stores.

Kimberly – Who or what motivated you to become a designer?

Mark – My grandmother,  Doris who is 80 years old and I am sure will be reading this interview. Hi, Grandma! I spent my summers with her and I have so many wonderful memories on her “L” shaped front porch.  Every season we would change out the chair cushions and the table skirts. She let me help her with the draperies.  She also painted porcelain and murals. I am not sure I got her gift with a paint brush, but she is definitely my first design inspiration and a huge motivation to follow my dream.

Kimberly – What wonderful memories! You are bringing me back to my own childhood growing up in the south!
Mark – I think that is also what makes southern design so special, Kimberly! It is about creating a feeling of connection to your grandmothers front porch.  It is about tassels and wing chairs and blue and white china handed down from generation to generation.

Southern Design: Memories to hold onto in your homes.

KImberly – What is your specialty? Why do clients come and see you?
Mark – I think it is because of my hugs! Everyone knows that when they come to see me, they are going to get a hug.  Hugs and my eye for color, layering and patterning. My passion is fabrics and textiles.  I would never buy a fabric online.  I have to be able to feel it, see it and experience it.  That is the service I offer our clients here at Knotting Hill Interiors.  And, of course, the hugs.

Kimberly – You do give great hugs!  What would you say is especially hot right now with fabric in the design world?

Mark – Tribal patterns! I love incorporating them into traditional spaces to bring in some ethnic flair.  It comes across really wonderfully.  I am also seeing a lot of jewel toned floral patterns in emerald green and turquoise.  I believe that emerald green is here to stay.  It is just so beautiful.

Kimberly – What designers do you admire?

Mark – I love Charlotte Moss.

Kimberly – How would you describe your personal design style?

Mark – Traditional and transitional.  And, a little eclectic.

Kimberly – Mark, I am just so thankful you walked through that door to Knotting Hill Interiors!  Thank you for talking with me today!  I am looking forward to your series on this blog!

Mark – Me too, Kimberly.  I feel like we have been working together for years and years.  I am so thankful for the amazing community here at Knotting Hill Interiors. There is such a great energy here in the store. Ya’ll have welcomed me with open arms. But, you know, I would never expect anything less from the fabulous people of the south.


Live Inspired and Stay Fabulous!


Kimberly xoxo

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