Interior Design Tip: Don’t Forget About the All Important Ceiling

Ceilings are an important part of a room’s design.

I consider ceilings a valuable design element of the room. In fact, without treating the ceiling, I feel that a room often looks incomplete. The size of your ceiling is the same size as your floor, and while we fret over what materials to use for the floor,  so very often ceilings are forgotten.

I am a designer who never forgets how fabulous a ceiling can be for the overall look of a room, and over the years I have developed a few ceiling solutions that I have had success with:

Custom fabric inlay on the ceiling. This is actually my formal dining room. Try to pick a fabric that pulls an element of the room in with it. This for instance compliments my blue and white china collection.

Wallpaper the ceiling. This effect is very dramatic.  I recently papered each coffer in a coffered ceiling, and it is truly fabulous!  Grasscloth on a ceiling is absolutely amazing!  Just make sure that when selecting a paper for a ceiling that the paper’s “repeat” is conducive to a continual pattern and does not have directional endings.  In other words, the direction will stop and often end up looking odd.  I love a stripe on a ceiling. It is directional, but it doesn’t have “endings”, which allows the stripe to do its job of adding interest.

This is an example of a coffered ceiling with wallpaper.

Painting the ceiling anything but ceiling white. This solution is best for anyone out there who just cannot fathom adding too much drama to a ceiling.  I also prescribe this treatment when a room is calm and simple.  Instead of using ceiling white, I simply select a color that is in keeping with the wall and trim color of the room.  For example, if the trim is some sort of cream, then I will select a color a shade or two lighter for the ceiling.  Notice that I did not say “dilute the paint by half-strength”.  While I have done this in the past (and many still do), I do not think it produces the purest and best colors.  The manipulated colors often turn out far different than what you think they might. A popular trend is lighter molding contrasting a darker ceiling. When done right, this looks fabulous.

Select a lovely shade for the ceiling that is used as an accent in a room. This treatment breathes new life into a room.  It is “fun” and “wow” all at the same time!

This ceiling has the perfect burst of color, making the design look chic.

Paint a canvas and add it to the ceiling like wallpaper. So fabulous! However, it takes a trained eye and the assistance of a professional artist to create the effect.  Do not attempt this without a professional!  The look is beyond magnificent!

Choose blue! Blue is the color of the sky and looks fabulous in any setting.

In nearby Charleston, South Carolina, it is not unusual to find front porch ceilings painted a color often referred to here in the south as “haint blue.” Many of the superstitious once believed that doing so would prevent the haints, or restless ghosts and bad spirits, from entering into their home. Why? Well, silly, don’t you know that haints can’t cross water?! The blue paint would clearly trick the haints into thinking there was water on the ceiling, which of course, would thwart any thoughts of them becoming unwelcome guests in the home. Um, naturally!

Okay, okay, although I am certainly not a superstitious kind of person, I STILL absolutely love blue on ceilings!

An example of a haight blue ceiling.

This room really looks bigger because the blue literally helps pull the ceiling up.

If you need help dressing up your ceilings, please contact me for an online or in-home consultation a

Now, go have an” It’s So Fabulous!” Day!

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