Interior Design Little Luxury: Fresh Flowers

One of my favorite “Little Luxuries” is an arrangement of fresh flowers in my home! There is nothing that makes me feel more invigorated than bringing a piece of the outdoors inside. The look and the smell of fresh flowers in a space cannot be rivaled or matched by any substitute. Flowers breathe life into a home and add instant beauty.
Interior design floral arrangement

This photo from shows how a floral arrangement can add a dramatic splash of color to a space.

My favorite type of flowers to incorporate into my home are those that are fresh cut from my very own yard. I love the scent of freshly sheared gardenias and home-grown roses. Hydrangeas and tulips are also among my top picks. Every season has a lovely selection of blooms to choose from.

These hydrangeas are easy to grow in your own yard and create a bold and beautiful arrangement in any room.

In fact, bringing a bit of the outside indoors does not even necessarily have to involve florals. Sometimes, a room simply calls for greenery or branches to give it that extra-special something. For instance, during the holidays, I often incorporate holly branches and magnolia leaves into my home decor. The same concept works all year round.
Branch arrangement

Simple branches may create just the look you are searching for!

What if you don’t have a yard? Well, one option is to ask a friend or neighbor if they mind if you “borrow” some of their flowers or greenery. (And of course, never cut down their most prominent roses or their biggest magnolia blooms! Make sure to keep your cuttings discreet, not leaving any bare spots or “holes” in their yard!) One way to be welcomed back is by making an arrangement for the homeowner! They will likely be excited to see you show up with your sheers in hand if they know they may receive a vase of flowers for their own home! And if all else fails, head to your grocery store or local flower stand to purchase the florals for your arrangement.
Floral arrangment

This photo from shows a variety of fresh-cut flowers that may easily be found in your own yard, or one nearby.

What if you don’t know how to create a flower arrangement? The most important concept to remember is to keep it simple. Look for pictures online of arrangements that only involve one of two types of flowers at similar heights. You Tube is also a fabulous resource for free teaching videos that demonstrate more complex floral arranging techniques.

This arrangement is both simple and interesting. Kumquats and daffodils give it its colorful flair.

Whatever your floral and greenery preferences may be, it is always a safe bet to breathe new life into your home by allowing yourself the “little luxury” of fresh-cut flowers!
What are YOUR favorite flowers to arrange from your own yard? What creative ideas do you have for making an arrangement extra-special? Drop me a comment and tell me all about it!
NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!




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