Interior Design ‘Dribble’ (Part 3): Bleacher Woes

basketball bleachersSeriously, I have been living at basketball gymnasiums lately, some of which are state of the art and many, brand spanking new.  Who the heck designs bleachers?

One gym has lovely bleachers in a bright shade of blue with a little dip in the seat for your tushy and I am thinking, hey finally…someone has some sense! That is, until I sat on them! The dip makes my back hurt, but I do still like the color, since I am currently in a blue haze (or craze!).  So, I gingerly move up to the top row so my back can be supported by some blue concrete.  Ok, blue concrete could seriously end my blue haze – just sayin!! – but anyhoo, I try once again to get comfy, and I notice the biggest gap between the bleachers and the blue concrete. I say to myself, “Now self, please don’t drop your coat down there, because it will be difficult for you to squeeze in between the bleachers (even though I am still at my last year’s Bikini Mama size… thank you very much!) and retrieve your things”. I make a mental note to myself, but upon one play where a foul is made on my son (my precious angel), I jump up in haste to scream obscenities at the ref for not calling it, and my entire purse tumbles from the top bleacher with all of its content spilling madly all over the floor …underneath the darn bleachers!  I squeeze down and retrieved my items only to later drop my coat in the same place when another miscall occurs…this time my son tossed the foul!  Don’t worry, though… I was among great company with the other parents screaming at the refs, also searching frantically underneath the bleachers for their own belongings.  Some were, however, not in their “bikini mama” state, and I was happy to help them out since I was “down under” already.

In yet another gym, the seats were hard as brickbats, so I stood most of the game. It didn’t bug me too much, because I am sure the refs can hear my yells and screams better when I am up out of my seat.

Another gym only had one set of bleachers, and they were the old fashioned metal kind.  I couldn’t find much wrong with them, since there was no room for me to sit on them (not even for a bikini mama!), so I sat on the floor.

Finally, in a little small town near Florence, SC, the best set of bleachers were found (although their “blue” was so cobalt that I might hate blue forever, starting soon).  These were the old fashioned kind, plenty hard, of course, but they were secured nicely to the wall with no gaps and no way to lose all your stuff, when you are busy cheering or screaming.

I began to wonder who the heck designs these things,  and did they ever ask the fans what they would like to have in a bleacher?  I was immediately reminded of how important it is to ask thought probing questions and to always consider FUNCTION when designing houses or rooms for clients! To me, function is way more important than form, but hey, who says you cannot have both!?

I like to find out information from clients such as…. How much television do you watch? Are you a reader? Do you read in bed or in a chair?  Do you shower or prefer a luxurious tub or shower?  Or both? What makes you comfortable on the weekends?  Describe your perfect Sunday morning.  Do you do computer work at home? Do you cook? Do you clean your own home, or do you have a housekeeper? How important is organization to you? And the list goes on….. All of this information helps me make the best choices for designing a home that really works for my clients and their needs. Effective decorating should be collaboration between designer and homeowner, with an outcome tailored specifically for each individual household.

Its a sure bet that if  I receive hundereds of calls after writing post this to “design bleachers and gymnasiums” that I am going to get a fan report and incorporate those findings into the design….

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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