How to Design the Ultimate Man Cave- Part I

First published in the Sunday, January 26th edition of The Sun News

Some of my most joyful work as a designer is working with men to create spaces of their own.  From my experience, men care a lot about their spaces and have their own unique approach to creating the room or area they want and rightfully deserve. I know this not only because I work with many male clients, but also because my husband became one when I designed for him his very own man cave! (All images in this post are from our hunting lodge aka The Grigg Mancave)


Typically, I find just by decorating a space that is special for the man of the house, the woman of the house usually ends up happier and more content with the other areas of the home.


Comfort is Key

The most requested element for a man’s space, also known as his “man cave,” is comfort. This is so important, I devoted a chapter on the topic entitled, “Southern Man Spaces” in my new book, Secrets of Southern Design.


Forget all the fuss, but do not skimp on quality. Men know and appreciate the difference. They want furniture that fits them personally and feels good day after day. It is fine if it looks good, too, but remember that comfort is key.

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and luckily, so does furniture. When selecting suitable furniture for a man, I need to know his height and measurements from the waist down, top of the thigh to his shoulder, and also the top of the thigh to the top of his head. I then compare these to the depths and heights of various seats and chairs I am considering.



I also ask a series of questions to help ensure the right furniture is selected. For example, I frequently ask how often this piece of furniture will be used. If the area calls for a sofa, I try to inquire the main purpose of it. Will the sofa be mainly for relaxation, or will business meetings be conducted there? Or is it both? I like to know if he prefers a firmer or softer seat. Does he like his head free or supported? What are his thoughts regarding lumbar cushions or having no pillow at all? All of these questions should be considered.

Next, when testing furniture, I like the man to sit in an array of furnishings that is properly sized. Combined with a marriage of answers to the aforementioned questions, along with the measurements of both the man and the furniture itself, this often ensures he is going to be comfortable in his new space.

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