Home Interiors: Living Green (Part 1)

It has been a couple of months since I last blogged about earth-conscious living. However, some of you loyal readers may recall from previous posts that this topic is truly one that is near and dear to my heart. Now, I know that not earth friendlyeveryone feels as passionately about living green as I do. Sooooo…. if that statement happens to apply to you, please read just a couple of more sentences before checking out on me.
First and foremost, there is one critically important point that needs to be made with regard to converting to a more earth-friendly lifestyle….
Often, we hesitate to implement a change (with regard to anything in life!), because the scope and size of the task simply seems too overwhelming to tackle. Understandable! However, the beauty of earth-conscious living is that there is a seemingly endless list of options to choose from. You select the changes that best suit your lifestyle! If we all committed to just one small earth preserving act, the impact on the environment could be staggering!
So, if you have read this far (thank you!), you may now be asking yourself, “What are some of the ways that I can make a difference?”
Take a look at this starter list of a few simple suggestions that may get you headed in the right direction….
Not only will this change reduce the levels of toxins and hazardous chemicals in the environment, but it can also enhance the health and well-being of your family!
To learn more about eco-friendly cleaning products, click this link to Greenerchoices.org
green cleaning products
I am definitely NOT a girl who is willing to sacrifice beauty in the name of saving the planet! Luckily, there are so many chic options for recyclable bags that there is sure to be a style to suit everyone’s fancy!
For instance, the bag pictured below is from Rume and comes in a variety of fun and fabulous colors! If you search around online you can find recyclable bags in almost any pattern you want!
Rather than buying bottled waters that produce huge quantities of unnecessary waste, why not invest in a water filtration pitcher or a filter faucet attachment for your sink? Then, treat yourself to a fashionable reusable water bottle to fill and take on the go!
There are literally thousands of styles to choose from, and some websites even offer the option to customize your water bottle with a name or activity of your preference! Aluminum water bottles also make fabulous gifts for that hard-to-buy-for friend or teacher!
reusable water bottles

These water bottles are made by Earthlust.

Planting a tree is an activity that the whole family can participate in! It is always fun to learn about the trees indigenous to specific areas, as well as the overall benefits of adding trees back into the environment. You may opt to dedicate your tree to a special person or cause. In addition to cleaning the air and providing new homes for wildlife, trees also provide shade and natural beauty in your yard!
plant trees
Stay tuned this week-end for the second part of Home Interiors: Living Green! In the meantime, share some of your favorite suggestions for going green with ease!
NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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