From the KHI Design Studio: Jules’ Jewels on an Inspiring Installation with Kimberly

Inspiration for a room can come from just about any where – books, magazines, Pinterest (y’all know how I feel about Pinterest!); and sometimes that inspiration can come from something more meaningful like a piece of antique furniture passed down from generation to generation or a piece of art.  In this case, on a recent installation I went on with Kimberly, she used a piece of art to inspire the room design that she knew her clients would absolutely love.


The painting was used as inspiration for the guest bedroom’s unusual color palette.

This particular guest bedroom is primarily for the home owner’s male grandchildren, so the room needed to have a tailored masculine feel but not be exclusively male. The guest room also needed to feel inviting to other potential guests.

The oil painting has a unique color combination of taupes and oranges. It is hung between 2 windows as a focal point. It looks like it was MADE for this room and MADE for that spot. It looks like it was born in the mind of the artist to live in that spot and in this room.

To quote Kimberly, “It looks like it just grew there!”


The colors in the painting, as you can see, match the room perfectly!

Different ways of painting a room can be as unique as the room itself.  I love how Kimberly incorporated painting horizontal stripes on the walls.  This is a technique she uses often to create drama and texture that usually only wallpaper can achieve.  It has become a win/win for our clients! The room gets the high end look of wallpaper for the price of paint! And the stripes don’t just have to be vertical or horizontal either. We have done this type of wall treatment in MANY different variations and patterns. The possibilities are endless.

I think this particular wall treatment takes their guest bedroom to a whole new level. The horizontal pattern gives the room a little edge and makes the traditional furniture seem less traditional. The walls have an edge but still compliment the tradition of the room.  Which for southern design, it is absolutely crucial to Kimberly that we find that perfect balance for our clients.  Many of them want to incorporate a modern or edgy feel, but take them too far from their roots – and it just does not work.  We were able to successfully walk that fine line with this installation.


Walking the fine line between tradition and finding a modern edge is important to many of our clients from the south.


Notice how the sunburst mirror compliments the edgy horizontal stripes!

From my previous blog, you know I like “Living on the Edge”. I love when design has tradition and history and has a little funk and edginess to it too. This combo makes my heart skip a beat!

Julie is part of the Knotting Hill Design Team, a lover of Pinterest, Greek Key and finding unique ways to help her clients create a unique personal expression of who they are through design.  She is a regular blogger for It’s So Fabulous on her series, Jules’ Jewels.


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