From the KHI Design Studio: Integrity in Design

When you hire professional designer to work with you on your home, it says a lot about who you are as a person.  To see where the scope of what you can do/accomplish/achieve alone rather than with someone who is skilled to be able to bring your vision to a whole new level of manifestation, I believe, speaks volumes about your character.  It’s sort of like being able to appreciate a good bottle of wine or piece of art or even take in the magnificence of the ocean.  Whether it’s yours, someone else’s or God’s creation – the simple fact that we can all share in the beauty around us, to me, is part of what makes me continue to want to create!


But, sadly, not everyone shares in my sentiments.  I must defend my profession here, which means standing up for all of the true artists out there!

Keeping the integrity in design, art, writing, photography (you name it!) these days looks a lot different than it used to when I first got started out in my career.  The only way you could get a professional opinion was to hire one!  

Today, you can google, pinterest or blog search everything from how to faux finish your walls to cooking like an award winning chef!  While it is exciting to be a part of this “sharing” generation, I have also seen a lot and I mean A LOT of “design 911” emergencies when someone tries to take something in their own hands that seriously should have been left to the professional.  How do you know when to draw the line?  I mean, part of why I absolutely love blogging and sharing my tips and secrets on my Facebook page is so that you can peek into my world. It tickles me to see readers incorporating what I share into their personal style. But when do you take that DIY project and hand it over to to a professional (before it goes wrong?).



Before you put that faux finish on your dining room walls, ask yourself – Will this destroy the integrity of the design/or raise the level of the integrity of the design?  Meaning, (I share this perspective with clients all the time), if you were to sell your house tomorrow, will your DIY projects raise the value of your home or lessen the value (or worst case scenario, be an eye sore!).


To truly add value to your home, leave certain things to a professional.

Budget is an issue and a driver in many DIY inspired projects, and they should be!  Distressing a chest of drawers or putting a fresh coast of paint in your bedroom is probably something you can handle with a little “how-to” here and there, but leave the bigger jobs like  beautifully tiling a bathroom floor or hand painting a mural in your foyer to those who know how to do it!


Gorgeous tile on floor, tub and shower. NOT a DIY project!


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