Fashion and Luxury Interior Design: Fairy Princess

What girl hasn’t dreamed of being a Fairy Princess at one time or another?! I know I have! Heck, I am still trying to convince my family that I AM the Fairy Princess (or maybe the Queen Bee?!) of our residence! I still don’t think they are buying it, though?

Take a look at these Fairy Princess gowns that graced the pages of In Style magazine….

Who wouldn't feel FABULOUS in one of these amazing gowns?

Closely following the the lead of fashion trends, interior design never trails far behind (and vice-versa!).  Ok, and maybe I haven’t made it to Fairy Princess status yet, but one of my tiny Myrtle Beach interior design clients definitely has! Here is a room I designed to suit her magically-royal status….

The tulle on this crib makes this nursery feel royal indeed! And as you can see, the "crowning glory" of the light fixture is the hand-painted ceiling design paying homage to all little fairy princess dreams!

Fairies are hiding everywhere in this room.... even in the framed artwork!

Another view of this whimsical nursery. Even the crib itself is adorned with a fairy!

From an interior design perspective, it is not necessary to overwhelm a space with a particular item in order to effectively translate the theme. In this case, the Fairy Princess theme is clear, yet subtle. Adding Fairy Princess wallpaper, rugs, or bedding would only have made the lovely existing details less special. In other words, adding too much of a particular item can cause a space to appear cluttered and less inviting. The word of the day, is “edit”, when it comes to creating a themed space. Make the items you choose really count by selecting carefully and practicing restraint. In doing so, you will also be able to transition a nursery into a “big kid” space without having to replace everything in the room.

The same is true with fashion! If you choose a more classic design for the pieces in which you invest the most, but add meaningful “accents” of trendy items, you will find that your staple wardrobe will carry you through many a season! Plus, adding too many trendy pieces to one outfit only blurs the focus and takes away the spotlight from that one truly unique accessory!

So remember, to create a “magically” themed space – or outfit! – edit, edit, edit!

If you would like to make your home more fabulous, then contact me for an initial consultation.

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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