Fabulous Second Home Living, Part III

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Second beach homes filled with seashells of the past are SO YESTERDAY!  Considering a second home today brings with it so many creative possibilities! I have had so much fun this week sharing with you my series on how to live the fabulous life in your second home.  This last post in the series features my own design – in which we pulled in my favorite fabulous shades of blue.  And of course, my last few tips on second home living.

The Spaghetti Test

Keep your second home simple. For every decision, think hassle free. If your children or grandchildren will be visiting often, consider kid-friendly upholstery, barstools and kitchen chairs. Sometimes, I help clients make decisions for vacation homes based on what I call the “spaghetti test.”

Almost everyone makes a pot of spaghetti while on vacation. It is fast and simple. At the same time, you also want to feel comfortable enough to eat that plate of spaghetti anywhere in the house. Inevitably, it will spill. This is a good way to ask yourself if your furnishings and fabrics will hold up to the test.

Time to get Practical    

Consider indoor / outdoor fabrics for your furnishings and window treatments. There is a plethora of high-performance fabrics on the market. In most cases, you cannot tell the material is indoor / outdoor, making it optional for most any space. Rugs made from these types of fabrics are affordable and easy to maintain. When soiled, you can simply wipe them clean or even hose them off outside.

Leathers and pleathers are also practical options in a variety of textures. A word of caution about using this type of product if you have pets: Sharp nails can puncture the material, so be careful with your selections.

Cover it Up

Slipcovers have come a long way. They can be tailored, and the fabric range is fabulous and often stain-resistant. If your vacation home is on the rental market, slipcovers are ideal. You can purchase furniture frames, then change out the covers for a fresh look or launder them for the next season. I often advise clients to have their own set of slipcovers for personal use, especially if the home is part of a rental program.









South Carolina Interior Designer Color ideas

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