Fabulous Living! My Thoughts on 2014


A New Year full of possibilities…that is a big statement for a type AA action oriented, make sure I leave no stone unturned kind of gal.  The whole ambiguious nature of the word “possibilities” sends me into orbit and puts my brain in the washing machine on “spin cycle”.


I haven’t written on my goals this year because I just couldn’t bear to get my engines too revved up until I recouperated from a very busy holiday season.  Thanks to a little rest and an abundance of energy, I do now feel ready to tackle the task of planning and preparing for all that the New Year can bring.


First, I just must say, that I prefer even years to odd and I have a great feeling in my good ole gut about 2014!  I am expecting great and I am wishing great to all of you.


Slow Down and Ponder more

I am imagining a different pace that includes lots of breathing this year.  I want to sip really good hot tea and ponder things like “Radiant Orchid”,the pantone color of the year…

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Move More

As I continue my personal inward journey, I want to include more “me” time by adding a little more yoga to my schedule.  This year, I want to try different types of yoga and I really want to go to one of those retreat settings where yoga is considered a wonderful part of the day!


Attract Fabulous Clients

I do believe in the law of attraction and I love the clients that I work with.  I intend to attract clients who are appreciative of mine and my staff’s special talents.  Attracting the right types of clients is just as important as a client selecting your firm to work with.  My work is joyful and I want to remain in that happy place.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind finding solutions to my clients decorating dilema’s because that is what good design is all about, I just want to be on the “same page” with my clients so the results can always be amazing!


Book Tour

I am having so much fun traveling around and giving talks about my book, The Secrets of Southern Design.  Writing the book has been on my bucket list for quite some time and I am so thrilled that this dream finally became a reality.  I look forward to speaking about and promoting the book.  It makes me feel so special when people purchase the book as it truly is a little piece of my heart!



As many of you know, I have been in the midst of several tv deals for quite some time.  Well, this is the year it appears for this to come to fruition.  Things are still being worked out, but expect to see a whole lot more of me on a regular basis as I share tips ,ideas and this great work in a new medium.  You will have to stay tuned for this one, but there is lots on the horizon.  Please keep your fingers crossed and help me attract this into my life!



Abraham Lincoln once said that people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.  Well, it is the truth and  I do, in fact, subscribe to this theory.  So, I have decided to smile more!  It is hard to be stressed out or uptight when you have a big ‘ole genuine smile on your face.

So, happy New Year my dear readers.  May it be a very blessed year for all of you indeed!

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