Customize Your New Home By Defining…. Ceilings & Floors!

Have you ever walked into a new construction home and said to yourself, “It’s beautiful, but it has no character?”. If so, you are not alone. However, by focusing on a few key areas of the home, it is possible to add customized accents that provide a rich sense of character and history. Luxury home interiors can be translated into a home of any age, style, or size.

Two important areas to focus on enhancing are the ceilings and floors. Here are a few ideas for making the most of them….

1.  Add antique beams to ceilings.

Exposed beams were once used as structural necessities in homes of old. However, in today’s design realm, exposed beams are welcomed for their aesthetic appeal.


Wood beams

This kitchen is much more interesting with the beautiful wood beams that add a sense of history to the space. Photo from Southern Living.

Wood beams

This living room has instant appeal with the addition of warm, wooden beams on the ceiling. Photo from Southern Living.


These beams add depth and dimension to this living room. Photo from Traditional Home.

2. Cover ceilings in tin.

In the second half of the 19th century and the early 20th century, mass-produced tin ceilings were an affordable option to the more expensive, artistic plaster. Although that is certainly not the case in our modern world, tin ceilings still add a fabulous -and unexpected – design “WOW!” to any space.  There are endless varieties of patterns to choose from to create the perfect look in almost any residence.

In addition, it is easy to further customize tin ceilings by painting them to complement your decor. Panels are painted before they are affixed to the ceiling, and most of them are sold with etch primer already in place. The pressed patterns in the metal panels create beautiful shadows in all different types of light.

Tin ceiling

This tin ceiling is absolutely stunning! Photo from

Tin ceiling

This ceiling shows the diversity of style that can be captured with tin. Photo from American Tin Ceilings.

tin ceilings

This ceiling adds beauty and elegance to this dining room. Photo from American Tin Ceilings.

Tin Ceiling

Original tin ceilings. Photo from Apartment Therapy.

A more economical option to tin ceilings is to wallpaper in a look-alike pattern. These wallpapers are normally able to be painted to the color of your choice, as well.

Tin wallpaper

Wallpapered ceiling that looks like metal panels.

3. Add brick and/or recovered wood flooring.

Another way to customize a new home is to add “something old”, such as recovered wood or antique brick, as your flooring.

Wood floors

Photo from Cote de Texas.

Wood Flooring

Photo from Cote de Texas.

Photo from Veranda.

Brick flooring

Photo from Veranda.

Brick flooring

Photo from My Home Ideas.

So, if you choose to build or buy a new home, never fear! Remember that adding character through customization is entirely possible!

NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!


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