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Crown Votive

“All hail the Queen!”, shouts my doting family as I swish into the room with a curtsey and a smile…. Ummm, sure, maybe in my dreams! Although I am occasionally exalted to temporary royalty upon the completion of a particularly fabulous design job, my dear children always seem to find a way to bump me off my throne at even the slightest threat of me getting “too big for my britches” (as my grandmother used to say!). To my crazy blended family, which includes six children (three still living at home), and three looney dogs, I am simply “Mom”….. the taxi driver, preparer of meals, homework quizzer, and ultimate event coordinator. They couldn’t care less if I am running around in yesterday’s wrinkled pajamas or if I am sporting my finest designer suit and heels. To them, the reality remains that I am no closer to being a queen than the man in the moon! Nonetheless, despite the fact that I am self-appointed, I continue to take pride in being the uncontested “Queen of Griggville”, albeit minus a bejeweled and sparkling crown. Perhaps, the absence of my own crown, accounts for my endless infatuationwith these elegant headpieces, great and small. As you can see in the caricature of me at the top ofthe blog page, I do so much enjoy imagining myself worthy of a beautiful crown.  

Crown Pet Bowl

 Much to my delight, crowns have emerged in the design arena in great variety, providing the resources to “leave a little royalty” in the homes of my deserving, South Carolina interior design clients! As I perused the websites of online design resources, I stumbled upon a section of  House Beautiful Magazine , called “Everywhere We Look…We See Crowns”. In this article, a variety of unique and entertaining crown accessories are pictured, some of which I have inserted throughout this post for decorating ideas in your home. I carry lines a variety of the same and similar lines in my retail shop, so come in and find out how I can highlight your room with some royal panache.  

Example of a Bed Crown

Crown Hook

I enjoy finding surprising uses and unexpected locations for decorative crowns. However, one of the most traditional uses for this enduring icon, the bed crown, remains one of my all-time favorites! After all, who would not want to slumber beneath a symbol of royalty?! Through my design work at Knotting Hill Interiors, I am able to call on my vendors to provide stunning sources for a variety of bed crowns. An example of a bed crown similar to one available at my shop (there are soooo many different styles) is pictured to the left. Also pictured (below) is an example of a bedroom I designed for one of my clients using the elegance of this crowning accent. Consult with me to learn more “Kimplistic” ideas for integrating royal accents into YOUR home!  


Bed Crown in a Client's Home Design

My youngest daughter is most certainly a Queen-in-the-Making! So, in honor of our “Queen Grayanna’s” future reign of royalty, only a fitting bedchamber would do. Pictured below is the wall of her bedroom, on which we proudly studded the shape of a crown as a daily reminder of her destiny!  

Grayanna's "Queenly" Bedroom

With the many resources available today for purchasing whimsical and interesting crown accessories, take a risk!  Have fun with it! Wherever you display a “royal reminder” is sure to evoke a smile.

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