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What girl – of any age! – hasn’t imagined being a beautiful and influential QUEEN? (Let’s face it… being Cinderella must have stunk  – before she met her handsome prince, of course!). We obviously cannot all be born in to royalty, although I do believe that we each have “crowning moments” throughout life. In fact, some of my most delicious and memorable “moments” have been showcased through the interior design of my own home.

Years ago, when my husband and I moved in, I commenced on a mission to decorate it for the first time (of FIFTY, of course!)! I was determined to create the most elegant, French-inspired “showcase home” of the south. As such, I excitedly set about my merry way scouring the country for unique and distinctive finds. After many months of bringing home new “treasures” to fill my home, I peered around my abode with a wonderful sense of self-satisfaction. At last, I had achieved my original vision, and it was truly divine! My house was overflowing with petite French sofas, stately old chairs and exquisite accessories. I even went so far as to have a custom mattress made to fit the rare antique frame of our almost-too-small-for-a-couple-to-sleep-in master bed. Yes, even this atrocity was endured by my dear husband without complaint (well, not toooooo much complaint, that is). When I refused to allow a television to be placed in our living room, because it would interfere with the authentic “feel” of my design, only a small amount of grumbling occurred. It is true… “practicality” was definitely not high on my priority list back then (actually, it may not have been on the list at all!?!)… Of course, that was BEFORE six children and three dogs subsequently staged a coup within the walls of my residence!

Example of a "Queenly" pillow from Leyla's Pillows

A few years ago, I purchased some whimsical pillows, manufactured by a company called Leyla’s Pillows, to sell in my shop and to use as unexpected decorative accents in the homes of my design clients. Embroidered on the front of each pillow was a humorous saying or phrase, one of which was sure to speak to almost everyone. The pillow that immediately caught my attention read, “A Man’s Home is his Castle… Until the Queen Arrives”.  While designing my home that very first time, I must admit that it did feel pretty darn fabulous being the “Queen of my Own Castle”, running amuck with complete design autonomy. However, referring back to the aforementioned pillow, my “King Roger” gradually began to find fault in “Queen Kim’s” formal – albeit elegant and stunning! – “show house” design. At last, in a round table meeting, my king finally put his foot down, insisting that he would settle for nothing less than a comfortable recliner to be placed smack in the middle of my beautiful French design!?! What?!? No offense to those who love them, but I do NOT do La-Z-Boys! Actually, at the time, the word “recliner”, in general, was a BAD WORD in my book! However, recognizing my own defeat, I reluctantly threw up the white flag to myking and acquiesced to locate a recliner that was both functional AND beautiful. But was that even possible?!?

I am certain that I must have felt similar to Frazier Crane – horrified! – on the day that his father’s dreadful stripedrecliner was inserted into the mix of his polished designer living room! AAAHHHHHH!

Martin Crane's dreadful, yet hilarious, chair

But alas, after many months of intense research, I finally concluded that perhaps I had been in error with regard to modern-day loungers. They had certainly come a LONGGGG way from the personality-and-elegance-free recliners of my childhood. In fact, I actually discovered a few companies who produce dazzling loungers fit for a King … AND a Designer Queen! Two of my favorite sources are Hancock and Moore and Fairfield . Check out some of the incredible examples shown below from Hancock and Moore (for purchase, please contact the Knotting Hill Interiors retail shop)!

Sterling Bustle Back High-Leg

Rugby Lounger

Sundance Power Tilt Back

Bay High Leg Recliner

And here is another fantastic recliner made by Fairfield Chair Company:

Surprisingly, many design years later, I now actually encourage many of my South Carolina interior design clients – specifically of the female persuasion, of course – to add an elegant recliner to their overall décor plan…. in honor of their special guy. Making this selection is definitely worth its weight in gold! The “King” is thrilled with his comfy chair, but more importantly, it also makes him much more agreeable to all of his Queen’s “other” choices.

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