Cozy Spaces (Part 1): Sloping Attic Walls

A Beijing "pod" apartment. Photo from Apartment Therapy.

When I first began thinking about what I wanted to blog about this week, I could not stop thinking about a post I ran across several weeks ago on Apartment Therapy. Some of you may already be aware of this “pod” situation in Japan, but for me, seeing this photo (and several others), somehow made it “real” for me. The post explains the photo to the right in these words: “The Beijing real estate market has shot up so fast in the last few years that many aren’t able to afford living in real apartments in the city. This young professional rents a hyper-small ‘pod'”. There is much more to read about on this topic (click the link above to take you there), but in essence, the “room” that you see in the photo is actually the entire “apartment”…. yes, the whole thing!? Another article on the topic can be found in the Asia Times.

Thinking about that situation caused me to pause for a moment to consider what many of us in this country imagine when we think of “small” spaces.  In terms of my design clients at Knotting Hill Interiors, I immediately envision a cozy room filled with creative space-saving opportunities and tons of charm and possibilities. How about you? What is your first thought?

Endearing attic rooms with their sloping ceilings and walls are some of the coziest small spaces of all! They evoke feelings of warmth and whimsy whenever I imagine them in my mind’s eye. Thankful today that I am not living in a Beijing “pod”, here are some photos to warm you up on this chilly Fall morning!

From Creamy Life:

Just fabulous... welcoming in every way!

From Coastal Living :

Fabulous children's room! I can almost SEE imaginations at work in here!

The storage in this attic space is well-designed!

From Traditional Home:

There is no doubt that this charming room is constantly filled with the fun and chaos of energetic children!

This attic was transformed into this elegant guest suite.

From Country Living:

The contrast of the sloping yellow wall adds an interesting element to this space.

This attic room feels warm and organic, yet very cheerful.

From My Ideal Home:

The dramatic contrast between the dripping, formal chandelier and the rustic wood walls and simple bedding makes this space unique and inviting.

This all-white room with its soothing light makes me want to curl up and read a book in here!

Tucked into an attic alcove, this bed with its massive pile of disheveled pillows seems perfectly suited.

The natural light and wispy sheers makes this space feel very comfortable and "lived in".

From House Beautiful:

From House to Home:

Love the contrast of the wallpaper accent wall against the stark white of the bedding and painted walls. The crystal chandelier and rustic wood beam are also fabulous opposing elements.

From Home Away:

This is a 200 year old cottage. Just divine!

From Hotel Sax, in Prague:

Isn't this such a chic and sassy hotel suite?! But so COZY, too!


NOW, GO HAVE AN “It’s So Fabulous!” DAY!

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